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Year 6

Year 6 Class of 2016


Year Six Teachers -   Miss Hayward and Miss Brooks

LSA's  - Mrs Lewis and Mrs Tricky 
PPA Teachers Mrs Driscoll and Mrs Jamieson


Year 6 Class of 2015

We tested out our balancing skills on some tight ropes, tyres and some balancing swings!

We were happy to help out carrying some equipment

We had an amazing time building our own rafts using our team work skills

Welcome to our Year 6 information pages. Please check these information pages regularly to catch-up on what we are learning about. A more detailed breakdown of what we are covering can be found in the Newsletters section below.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns or questions regarding your child or the curriculum.


Best Wishes


Mr Unsworth, Mrs Thompson and the Year Six Team.

Year 6

Year 6 1 6U


6T 1

Year Six Teachers - Mr Unsworth and Mrs Thompson
LSA's - Mrs Trickey
PPA Teachers - Mrs Driscoll and Mrs Jamieson 



Below is out Term 4 newsletter with lot's of information about SATs take a look!

This week we had our E-safety assembly!

Year 6 having been working hard to generate 'real life' data for our data handling module. We have used Google Forms to create our investigation questionnaire. We would appreciate it if you could help us to generate data by answering our questionnaires. Either follow the links below or view our questionnaires on our school Twitter account (@cheddargroveps).




6U got creative making their very own gas masks!

Year 6 Reporting For Duty! In year 6 we got into the character of a WW1 soldier.

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This week year 6 made nets of 3D shapes!

In year 6 we made pin hole camera's!

6U are proud to wear blue for anti-bullying day!

6U are proud to wear blue for anti-bullying day! 1

6U went back in time in WW2 week! Take a look at what we did!

This week (week beginning 13th October) we will be exploring the question 'What did the Tudors Ever do for us?'





Click here to record your evidence.


As a starting point for research please use the following website:

This week (Week beginning 6th October) in our Tudor History lesson we will be researching and evaluating information sources.


Our area for research will be around the question: Was Henry VIII all bad?


Year 6 we would like you to record your evidence by using the shared document below:



WALT: evaluate primary, secondary and tertiary evidence sources


SC- I can:

  • use keywords/phrases to search for information.

  • accurately reference my research.

  • talk about the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary evidence.

  • I can provide evidence for my opinions.

Electricity - Lemon Battery Investigation

Year 6 have had a really exciting first week back at school. The children have started to learn and experience Hispanic culture during activities planned for Spanish Week. Here are a selection of photographs from the week.



Making and writing instructions for how to make a Pinata.

Spanish Cafe

Team building exercise

Here are some useful pages below for practising and developing numeracy and literacy skills.

Please click on the links below to view the Year 6 information from the 2013-14 academic year.