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Year 5's Evacuation Experience

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Year 5's Evacuation Experience, Nothe Fort, Weymouth

On Thursday 19th of September,  Year 5 went on a trip to Nothe fort in Weymouth to learn about World War 2 and evacuees. My favourite time was when we went in an Anderson shelter which was outside in an average family garden. I also enjoyed the school activity. You had to write your name with a dip pen it was fun!

 Although I did not really like it, we also did an activity that was about shops, what they ate and what a ration book was. Meanwhile the other groups were learning about D-day and Weymouth at war. At that time we were also looking at some models about when the Americans started using landing craft and started to invade (take over) beaches.

Despite the fact I liked the school, I must say I was impressed with the activity when we learned about washing - I thought it had just sneaked to the top of my favourites list. When we were in the Anderson shelter we also played a game when we were in teams and were trying to put the fake fire out!

Whilst we did one activity the other group would do the other. After that we had lunch, I was so hungry and tired. We then did three other activities after that. Around about 11:30 am we were looking at some famous paintings of war scenes. 

My guardian came too for assistance which made everything double the fun. Most of the activities were good and some … just did not make my day! There were also loads of squirrels around Nothe Fort.

These are the reasons why I enjoyed the trip to Nothe Fort and all my highlights about it. Overall I would not like to
be an evacuee.