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Trust Licences

Trustees - Holders of a Trust Licence


In our school we have created a way to acknowledge behaviour which is of a very high degree. Children who are always trusted in their behaviour and never have to be reminded of it are acknowledged by their class mates and their teachers and recieve a Trust Licence. This is a very high award and should be looked upon as something really special.
Children who have received a Trust licence are congratulated by having special privileges. They are allowed to have a lunchtime ICT slot, they are allowed a lunchtime library slot and if they are in KS2 they are allowed to help play with KS1 children during one lunchtime.
Children with Trust licences are also given trust by members of staff to run errands or given tasks that need trust.

Well done if you have a Trust Licence!

If you don't have one yet, why not aim to really try hard to be polite and hardworking all of the time and next time it may be you!