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Sports Premium Funding


Physical Education at Cheddar Grove Primary is an integral part of our creative curriculum. As a school we recognise the importance of PE in ensuring the health and wellbeing of all pupils alongside its effect on the attitude, concentration and achievement of pupil’s in all subjects. 

We currently strive to ensure that all pupils receive 2 hours of high quality PE a week and that teachers are highly skilled to deliver a range of sports and physical activities. As a result of the funding we have developed a new curriculum and created a programme of professional development. 

At Cheddar Grove teachers, LSA’s, professional coaches and parents provided a wide range of sports clubs for both team and individual sports in KS1 and KS2. This has provided opportunities for a range of children to take part in many competitions in school and at local area events. 


What is Sports Premium Funding?


Over the next three years every school will recieve a government grant to be spent on improving Physical Education across the school. The aim of this grant is to;

  • Expand school games and run sports competitions or increase pupils participation in school games.
  • Support the least active children through clubs and the Change For Life programme.
  • Provide resources for Physical Education and training for staff.


How Will This Affect Cheddar Grove?


During the academic year of 2013-2014 Cheddar Grove will  recieve £9735 to be spent of Physical Education across the school. The total we were given was based on the number of pupils we had on role in Jan 2013 Census and was allocated as a lump sum of £8000 and then £5 per pupil. 


How Cheddar Grove Has Spent Its Money So Far?


So far, as a school, we have spent the money on:-

  • Membership to local schools sports organisations to enable us to access local competition.
  • Membership to local schools sports organisations  to enable us to access training and professional development opportunities.
  • Equipment.
  • Hire of professional sports coaches.
  • Mini bus hire to sports events. 

A full break down of expenditure can be found using the links below.

How Will The Money Affect PE at Cheddar Grove


As a result of the Sports Premium Funding, PE at Cheddar Grove has been restructured and a new curriculum introduced.  This has ensured that pupils are 
developing physical literacy skills and having maximum opportunities to compete at all levels. We have introduced a range of new sports clubs and hope to continue to build on their success over the next three years. 

More information about changes to PE at Cheddar Grove can be found on the Power Point Presentation below.

The impact of Sports Premium Funding on PE, sports participation and attainment during 2014-2015


  • Increase in the amount of clubs available as extra-curricular activities

  • Increase in the amount of children taking part in extra-curricular activities, with over 160 children attending a range of clubs

  • Increase in the amount of competitions the school entered

  • The development of an in school, ‘House’ competition structure to allow children to compete in class, phase and whole school competitions.

  • Increased training for all staff through courses and staff meetings.

  • Through a re-structure of the sport delivered during PE lessons, the PE taught has become more skill based and age appropriate. Skill ladders have been developed and children can be assessed against age appropriate targets.

  • KS1 and Reception now have their own scheme of work that works on developing fundamental skills that links to the new National Curriculum.

  • Through training and resources staff are now equipped to deliver high quality PE lessons for allsports on the curriculum

  • Improved resources has ensured teachers are able to deliver high quality lessons

  • Better communication systems have been developed between localschools regarding competition and CPD

  • All children attend a Sainsbury School games festival

  • Bronze Kitemark award for sport in school was gained

  • A Change For Life club aimed at less active children built the confidence of those children who attended and allowed them to take part in physical activity in a secure environment


Sports Premium Funding 2014-2015


Sports Premium Funding



This year Cheddar Grove will receive £9430 to spend on sport in school.

This will be spent on;

  • Membership to Ashton Park SSP for CPD and competition structure at all level 1 and 2

  • Membership to PHAB for competition structure

  • Swimming coach level 1 and 2 training for 2 members of staff

  • Introduction of a Judo club funded by sports premium funding

  • Introduction of a KS1 club in the summer term

  • Supply cover to allow teachers to attend course and make observations

  • Mini bus hire to transport children to events

  • Resources and equipment