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Term dates


2023 - 2024


Term 1

Inset days: 1st and 4th September 2023

Start: 5th September 2023

Finish: 20th October 2023

Inset day: 30th October 2023


Term 2

Start: 31st October 2023

Finish: 15th December 2023


Term 3

Inset day: 2nd January 2024

Start: 3rd January 2024

Finish: 8th February 2024

Inset day: 9th February 2024


Term 4

Inset day: 19th February 2024

Start: 20th February 2024

Finish: 28th March 2024


Term 5

Start: 15th April 2024

Bank holiday: 6th May 2024

Finish: 24th May 2024


Term 6

Start: 3rd June 2024

Inset day: 8th July 2024

Finish: 23rd July 2024

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2024 - 2025


Term 1

Inset day: 2nd September 2024

Inset day: 3rd September 2024

Start: 4th September 2024

Inset day: 18th October 2024

End: 25th October 2024


Term 2

Start: 4th November 2024

End: 20th December 2024


Term 3

Start: 6th January 2025

End: 13th February 2025

Inset day: 14th February 2025


Term 4

Start: 24th February 2025

Inset day: 10th March 2025

End: 4th April 2025


Term 5

Bank holiday: 18th April 2025

Bank holiday: 21st April 2025

Start: 22nd April 2025

Bank holiday: 5th May 2025

End: 23rd May 2025


Term 6

Start: 2nd June 2025

Inset day: 4th July 2025

End: 18th July 2025

Inset day: 21st July 2025

Inset day: 22nd July 2025


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For any pre-arrange absences for holidays, an Absence Request Form will need to be completed - please contact the school office for a form should you require one.

In the event of a medical appointment during term time, please send an email to with the details of the appointment including any scans and/or screenshots of medical evidence e.g. hospital appointment letter that includes your child's name. You do not need to complete an Absence Request Form in this instance.

School lunch menu, FSM and milk services information

All school meals need to be pre-paid via MCAS - the price of a school dinner at Cheddar Grove Primary School is £2.60. Dinner money accounts on MCAS need to be kept in credit to cover the cost of school meals.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are elibgle for universal free school meals when attending school. Children in other year groups may be eligible for free school meals depending on their family circumstances.

If you think that your child is eligible for free school meals, we can apply to Bristol City Council on your behalf. Please complete the form below and return to


School Lunch Menu



Special dietary requirements and Zest's allergens policy 

Legislation cames into force on 1st October 2021.

We will require EVERY pupil (with an allergen, intolerance, or special dietary requirement) who will eat food at school whether at breakfast, mid-morning break, or lunch to complete a special diets form.  This must then be emailed to where we will risk assess the individual requirements. If the risk is deemed safe for us to produce the special diet in the main school kitchen, we will produce a menu to cater for their needs.

We are required by law to request this information to be able to cater for special diets in a safe way and this can only be assessed by using an approved risk assessment tool.

This is to ensure we can provide food safely to those who have allergens or intolerance and comply with the new regulations.


School milk service


School clubs and activities


Wraparound care

Futura wraparound care operates across term time only

Breakfast club runs from 7.30am – 9am

Breakfast Club: £5 per session (£2 for stop and drop at 8.30am and no food)


Afterschool club operating between 3.30pm – 5.45pm Monday – Friday

After School Club: £9.00 per session


Wraparound care FAQs and Terms and Conditions 

Online payment


MyChildAtSchool enables parents and carers to make online payments to the school,book breakfast club, after school clubs, book parents evening, and manage dinner money.  There is also an app available for Android or iOS.


More information

If you require assistance or more information please contact the school.

School uniform

Our school uniform is supplied through Harris Sports Ltd.

You can either:

Once the orders are placed they will be delivered to the school office (term time only) ready for collection. Home delivery: £5.95.

Further information

Photo and video consent

General principles for student images and video recording

Student photos and video recordings may be used for identification purposes and evidencing educational development. Such data will not be shared unless the law requires us to do so, or specific consent has been provided by the parent/carer.

Videos may be taken of lessons to support staff development; these may be seen by other teachers in school for staff training.

Where video or sound recording is required as part of an exam course for moderation purposes, such as drama, dance, music and PE, consent is not required other than opting to choose to study the course.

Parents / carers are welcome to take videos and photos of their children at school events for their own personal use. However, to respect everyone’s privacy rights and in some cases protection, these images must not be published or made publicly available on social networking sites, nor should parents / carers comment on any activities involving other students in the images / footage. Websites and social media can be viewed throughout the world, not just in the United Kingdom, where UK law applies. When images are posted on the internet, it is not possible to prevent others from reposting them.

Futura Schools use third party school photographers. These third parties come into school to take pictures of students (and their siblings) and pass the images back to the school. Proofs are distributed to parents/carers by the school. Parents/carers wishing to purchase images, do so by direct payment to the photographer. Schools are able to provide information on the specific photographer used in each school and direct parents/carers to their photographer’s own data protection policy.

Additional and specific consent for use by external agencies/companies may be sought.

For further information about how students’ personal information is collected and managed, please refer to the privacy notice on the trust website.

Parental consent

Parents provide consent for publication of their child’s image through the Parental Consents section of the My Child At School parent portal, or by contacting the school. Parental consent falls into two broad categories: School News/Events and Promotional Material.

Parental consent - school news and events

By consenting to ‘School News and Events’, parents/carers give consent to the following:

  • Images may be used in the school newsletters and information bulletins. These publications may be printed or published on-line via the school’s website. School websites do not have restricted access.
  • Images or video footage may be used on school social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp and Instagram. Note: social media accounts may not be closed groups.
  • Students’ full names will not be shown alongside any published image.
  • If parents do not want their child’s image to be shown on any of the aforementioned social media sites, they should withdraw consent for this category. It is not possible for the school to differentiate between permission granted for certain social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) but not others (e.g. Twitter).

Parental consent - promotional material

By consenting to ‘promotional material’, parents/carers give consent to the following:

  • Images may be used in the school on activity boards, screens or reception area for promotional purpose. Note: this is separate to our statutory obligation to display work around the school, which may contain personal information; schools do not require consent to do this.
  • Images or video footage may be used on the school website for publicity purposes.
  • Images may be used in printed materials such as the school prospectus.
  • Images or video footage may be used in the media (local / national press). Student’s names will only be published in exceptional circumstances, and with parent/carer permission. 
  • Unless parents/carers give express consent, students’ full names will not be shown alongside any published image.
  • If parents do not want their child’s image to be used for specific purposes (e.g. prospectus, but not media), consent should be withdrawn. It is not possible for the school to differentiate between permission granted for certain promotional material but not others.

Parents/carers can withdraw consent at any time either through the Bromcom MCAS account or by contacting the school.

School closure due to adverse weather conditions

If our school has to close due to bad weather all parents will be notified via text message as soon as the decision has been made that the site is not safe for children. However, we will ALWAYS try and keep the school open wherever possible. All of Bristol's school closures can be found on the Bristol City Council's school closure website.

Any news will be communicated by text message. If you do not recieve a text, please assume we are open as normal. This website will be updated every 5 minutes with live, rolling information. Please DO NOT phone the school to see if we are open. This blocks the line for a considerable amount of time.  Instead, please check your phone for a text message, as well as checking the Bristol school's closure website.  Announcements will also be made by local radio stations.


We're on Twitter!

For up to date information please see the School's Twitter account.