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School Newsletters

Term 6

Newsletter Term 6 Wk7

Newsletter Term 6 Wk5

Newsletter Term 6 Wk4

Newsletter Term 6 Wk3

Newsletter Term 6 Wk2

Newsletter Term 6 Wk1

Term 5

Newslettter Term 5 Wk6

Newsletter Term 5 Wk5

Newsletter Term 5 Wk3

Newsletter Term 5 Wk2

WMAT Newsletter 29 April 2021

Newsletter Term 5 Wk1

Term 4

Newsletter Term 4 Wk6

WMAT Newsletter April 2021

Newsletter Term 4 Wk5

Newsletter Term 4 Wk4

Newsletter Term 4 Wk3

WMAT Newsletter March 2021

Newsletter Term 4 Wk2

Newsletter Term 4 Wk1

Term 3

Newsletter Term 3 Wk6

WMAT Newsletter February 2021

Newsletter Term 3 Wk5

Newsletter Term 3 Wk4

Newsletter Term 3 Wk3

Newsletter Term 3 Wk2

WMAT Newsletter January 2021

Newsletter Term 3 Wk1

Term 2

Newsletter Term 2 Wk7

WMAT Newsletter December 2020

Newsletter Term 2 Wk6

Newsletter Term 2 Wk5

Newsletter Term 2 Wk4

WMAT Newsletter November 2020

Newsletter Term 2 Wk3

Newsletter Term 2 Wk2

Newsletter Term 2 Wk1

Term 1

Newsletter Term 1 Wk7

WMAT Newsletter 22.10.2020

Newsletter Term 1 Wk6 16.10.2020

Newsletter Term 1 Wk5 09.10.20

Newsletter Term 1 Wk4

Newsletter Term 1 Wk3 25.09.2020

RSHE Objectives 25.09.20

Newsletter Term 1 Wk2 18.09.2020

Newsletter Term 1 Wk1 11.09.2020

Year Group Newsletters

Term 6

Nursery Term 6 Newsletter 

Year 1 Term 6 Newsletter

Year 4 term 6 Newsletter

Year 6 Term 6 Newsletter

Term 5

Nursery Term 5 Newsletter

Reception Term 5 Newsletter

Year 1 Term 5 Newsletter

Year 2 Term 5 Newsletter

Year 3 Term 5 Newsletter

Year 4 Term 5 Newsletter

Year 5 Term 5 Newsletter

Year 6 Term 5 Newsletter

Term 4

Nursery Term 4 Newsletter

Reception Term 4 Newsletter

Year 1 Term 4 Newsletter

Year 2 Term 4 Newsletter

Year 3 Term 4 Newsletter

Year 4 Term 4 Newsletter

Year 5 Term 4 Newsletter

Year 6 Term 4 Newsletter

Term 3

Year 1 Term 3 Newsletter January 2021

Year 2 Term 3 Newsletter January 2021

Year 3 Term 3 Newsletter Janaury 2021

Year 4 Term 3 Newsletter January 2021

Year 5 Term 3 Newsletter January 2021

Year 6 Term 3 Newsletter Janaury 2021

Term 2

Nursery Term 2 Newsletter November 2020

Year 1 Term 2 Newsletter November 2020

Year 2 Term 2 Newsletter November 2020

Year 3 Term 2 Newsletter November 2020

Year 4 Term 2 Newsletter November 2020

Year 5 Term 2 Newsletter November 2020

Year 6 Term 2 Newsletter November 2020

Term 1

Year 1 Term 1 Newsletter September 2020

Year 2 Term 1 Newsletter September 2020

Year 3 Term 1 Newsletter September 2020

Year 4 Term 1 Newsletter September 2020

Year 5 Term 1 Newsletter September 2020

Year 6 Term 1 Newsletter September 2020



Planned absences

If you are planing to take your child/ren out of school during term time please complete an absence request form and send to the school office via email.

In the event of a medical appointment during term time please email with the details and scans of any medical evidence (E.g hospital appointment letter. You do not need to complete a planned leave of absence form in this instance). 

Planned Leave of Absence (Pdf)

Planned Leave of Absence (Word)


Further information

  • Attendance policy (Pdf)
Term dates



Term 1

Staff training days: Thursday 2 and Friday 3 September 2021
Start: Monday 6 September 2021
Finish: Thursday 21 October 2021
Staff training day: Friday 22 October 2021 

Term 2

Staff training day: Monday 1 November 2021
Start: Tuesday 2 November 2021
Finish: Friday 17 December 2021

Term 3

Start: Tuesday 4 January 2022
Finish: Thursday 17 February 2022
Staff training day: Friday 18 February 2022

Term 4

Start: Monday 28 February 2022
Finish: Friday 8 April 2022

Term 5

Start: Monday 25 April 2022
Finish: Thursday 26 May 2022
Staff training day: Friday 27 May 2022

Term 6

Start: Monday 6 June 2022
Staff training day: Monday 11 July 2022
Finish: Friday 22 July 2022

Printable version of the term dates 2021/22 (Pdf)

Breakfast Club

** Breakfast club will not be running until Monday 14th September, further details will be sent out when we return to school **

Breakfast Club is available Monday to Friday from 8 am. Doors Close at 8:35 am. 

Zest Breakfast Club Menu 

Claire Mansri, Zest Catering

Online payment

SIMS Pay provides a safe, secure and easy way to pay online for school items such as school meals, trips, events, clubs and other school activities.

  • SIMS Pay allows you make online payments to the school whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Makes it easy to make payments for school items by debit or credit card.
  • Reduces the need for children to carry cash to school.
  • Peace of mind that payments are made safely and securely to the school.
  • You can also merge your accounts if you have more than one child at the school, or from other schools that also use SIMS Pay.

More information

If you require assistance or more information please contact the school



School Lunch Menu, FSM Information and Milk Services Details

All school meals need to be pre-paid via SIMS Pay. From September 2020 The Meal Deal price at Cheddar Grove Primary School will be £2.30. SIMS Pay accounts need to be kept in credit to cover the cost of school meals.

(All children in nursery need to bring packed lunches to school. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are elibgle for universal free school meals when attending school). 

Government October 2020 FSM voucher details (Pdf) Posted: 27 October 2020

School lunch menu

Free school meals 

If you think that your child is eligible for free school meals, we can apply to Bristol City Council on your behalf. Please complete the form below and return to

Pupil Premium Checker Form (Word)

Pupil Premium Checker Form (Pdf)

School milk service


School uniform

Our school uniform is supplied through Harris Sports Ltd.

You can either:

Once the orders are placed they will be delivered to the school office (term time only) ready for collection. Home delivery: £5.95.

Please note that larger sizes than those listed on the above order form, are available to order on the Harris Sports website. 

School closure due to adverse weather conditions

If our school has to close due to bad weather all parents will be notified via text message as soon as the decision has been made that the site is not safe for children. However, we will ALWAYS try and keep the school open wherever possible. All of Bristol's school closures can be found on the Bristol City Council's school closure website.

Any news will be communicated by text message. If you do not recieve a text, please assume we are open as normal. This website will be updated every 5 minutes with live, rolling information. Please DO NOT phone the school to see if we are open. This blocks the line for a considerable amount of time.  Instead, please check your phone for a text message, as well as checking the Bristol school's closure website.  Announcements will also be made by local radio stations.

School clubs and activities


We're on Twitter!

For up to date information please see the School's Twitter account.