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Mathematics is an important element of everyday life. At Cheddar Grove Primary School we aim to give all children a positive and fun experience of Maths based firmly around the National Curriculum's aims of fluency, problem solving and reasoning. We place a strong emphasis on the four operations (addition, subtraction, division & multiplication) as well as geometry, measure, fraction/decimals/percentages and statistics. Alongside explicit Maths lesson, where children learn both written and mental methods, we aim to provide children with Mathematical experiences which have a real life context. 


In Years 3-6 we have a daily additional Maths lesson called Number Sense. These sessions aim to provide children with practical opportunities to learn Maths facts along with a deep understanding of number and they way they relate to each other. Number Sense lessons last 30 minutes and are often based around Mathematical games, challenges, investigations or overcoming specific barriers to learning.


We have developed our own calculation policy to ensure we are teaching key mathematical skills in a consistent and progressive way and also use the Broadbent planning scheme to help structure our delivery of the maths curriculum.  Work is differentiated to ensure  children are challenged at a level that is appropriate for them.

We use a range of different resources eg numicon, diennes and cuisenaire to help children develop a solid understanding of number.   We also use an online Maths resource called 'Mathletics' to help children consolidate their maths learning at home.

If children need extra support in Maths we run two intervention programme - First Class at Number and Success @ Arithmetic.

Visual Calculation Policy


The Visual Calculation Policy provides guidance on the teaching of methods for the four operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. This document also includes a bank of language for each operation, suggested resources and an overview of coverage for each year group.

Visual Calculation Policy - Parental guidance meeting slides

Draft Policy Documents

We use a consistent Mathematical language across the school in order to developing a deeper understanding of number and the way they relate to each other. Each Mathematical language skill has an icon related to it.