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Malago Learning Partnership

Welcome to the Malago Learning Partnership

The Malago Learning Partnership was set up in 2011 to improve the attainment and life chances for children in south Bristol. It is a voluntary partnership with a diverse range of schools delivering joint initiatives such as shared support for new teachers, shared IT and speech and language resources and school to school support.

Malago Learning Partnership 
Cheddar Grove Primary is part of the Malago Learning Partnership. 
We have excellent links with our main partner primary schools and two secondary schools. In 2012, we entered into a more formal collaboration with our partners south of the city.
The MLP consists of: 
Bedminster Down Secondary School 
  • Illminster Avenue E-ACT Academy
  • Greenfield E-ACT Academy 
  • KnowleDGE Learning Centre 
  • Headley Park Primary 
  • Parson Street Primary 
  • Victoria Park Primary 
  • St Peter’s C of E Primary School 
  • Cheddar Grove Primary School
Our Moral Purpose 
  • To work collaboratively to raise the attainment and life-chances of the students in our schools. 
  • To procure high quality services and expertise that provide best value in our pursuit of improved outcomes. 
  • To share practice and innovation across our schools to provide high quality development opportunities for all. 
  • To develop a culture of collaboration, commitment and coaching in all we do. 


Our Commitment 
  • To provide our children with a seamless learning journey from early years to the workplace. 
  • To be open and transparent in all our school-to-school relationships. 
  • To be fully committed to joint practice development. 
  • To enable colleagues and governors to work together across schools. 
  • To help and support all schools within the partnership on their journeys of continuous improvement. 
  • To work hard to overcome barriers that might impede our progress. 
  • To collaborate in the development of the future leaders of our schools and community.
Our Success 
  • We will constantly challenge ourselves as we strive for success. 
  • We will establish clear protocols and accountability structures for our various learning project groups. 
  • Peer review and challenge will be at the heart of everything that we do. 
  • We will engage external improvement partners to ensure that we are suitably challenged. 
  • We will know we are successful when our young people are reaching higher levels than ever before in academic and personal development