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House System

House System


Every child is put into a house from half way through reception until year 6. This was founded in 2006 and has become a vital part of school life , helping us to create a family atmosphere. Children are awarded house points for pieces of work, behaviour or competitions. These are given by all members of staff who also belong to a house. The houses are based upon star constellations and are:

Delphinus – a blue dolphin
Lupus – a red wolf
Pegasus – a purple flying horse
Scorpius – a yellow scorpion

At least once every term there are House Assemblies that involve all children in the House from Reception to Year 6 and all the House staff. There is also a House playtime, either before or after the service depending on the rota, where all the children play together. The Reception children are supported by Year 5 using a ‘Buddy System’ where each Reception child is paired with a Year 5 pupil who collects them for assembly and looks after them throughout the session taking them back to their classroom afterwards.

We also have regular ‘House Challenges’ such as Inter-House Quizzes, House Rounders and House Archery competitions. This is a chance for children to take part and win ‘House Points’ over and above the ones they gain in the classroom. All staff have personalised ‘House Points’ that they can award for a variety of reasons, such as good work, good behaviour, helpfulness, politeness, representing the school at a sports event and so on.

Each House has two House Captains who are selected after Easter when they are in Year 5 after making a presentation during a House Assembly. Their term of office runs for a year and includes leading services together with the staff, raising and arranging House matters and counting and displaying House Point totals each week. These totals accumulate over the term and at the end of term there is a whole school House Cup service and the winning house captains are presented with the cup, which will then be displayed for the next term adorned with ribbons in the house colour.

Each House has worked on a motto, chant or song that is a part of every House service and the Captains all have T-shirts decorated with the symbol of the house. All houses also have a House Mascot that the captains bring to House Assemblies.

The House System has made a great impact on Cheddar Grove in the  years it has been in place. It has fostered close liaison between all the key stages and the staff, impacted on conduct and behaviour throughout the school, raised effort and achievement and nurtured a real team spirit to work towards a common goal.