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Week beginning 13/10/14


This weeks homework is based on spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG).



Homework is due on Thursday 16th October.


Please click here to complete your homework.


The spellings for this week are:


  • Hottest
  • Biggest
  • Thinnest
  • Fattest
  • Flattest
  • Sunniest
  • Luckiest
  • Funniest
  • Nuttiest
  • Happiest


Fancy a challenge?


Try learning these Level 6 spellings. Can you put them into a sentence?


  • honourable
  • miracle
  • sincerely







Week beginning the 06/10/14


Homework to be completed by 09/10/14


Maths and Literacy homework will now be set on alternate weeks. 


Maths area of development


Word problems


Maths Homework - word problems


Click here to view your homework. Please bring jottings to class.




The spellings for this week are as follows:


The rule is double consonant to add -ing


  • Patting
  • Humming
  • Tapping
  • Running
  • Rubbing
  • Beginning
  • Chatting
  • Digging
  • Grinning
  • Spinning


The children will be tested on Thursday October 9th. Please use your flash cards and the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check (LSCWC) technique to learn your spellings.





Week Beginning 29th October (Term 1 Week 5)


Homework to be completed by 02.10.14


Maths and Literacy areas of development


Maths - Division


Literacy - Poetry Week (The Highwayman by  Alfred Noyes (1880-1958)


The Highwayman Poem


The Highwayman audio


The Highwayman video


Literacy Homework

Thursday October the 2nd marks National Poetry day. This year's theme is entitled 'remember'. In recognition of this important event we are as a school learning and reciting a poem in class.


Here are some suggestions of poems which you might learn from the National Poetry Day website (


To keep in touch by Liz Brownlee
Remembering by Liz Brownlee
The Family Book by Brian Moses
Poets are Photographers by Paul Cookson
Remembering is our duty by Paul Cookson
Dear Mug by Roger Stevens
In an old dog’s memory by Brian Moses
Whole body memory by Jan Dean


I remember, I remember by Thomas Hood
Do you remember an inn, Miranda? by Hilaire Belloc
Remember me when I am gone away by Christina Rossetti
Remember, remember the fifth of November Anon


Alternatively you could choose a poem of your choice.


The spellings for this week are as follows:


Ruled: double consonant to add -ed


  • patted
  • drummed
  • tapped
  • tripped
  • rubbed
  • scrubbed
  • chatted
  • planned
  • grinned
  • spotted



There will be a short test on 02.10.14. Please use your flash cards and the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check (LSCWC) technique to learn your spellings.


Spelling Challenge - Just for fun!


Here are some interesting words that we found in our class book that we thought we would share.


Baleful= pernicious, destructive or malignant

Surreptitious= underhanded, kept secret, done by stealth or clandestine

Mellifluous=sweet as honey



Tudor Homework Project

Year 6 you should have now chosen the person who you will be presenting about and started your research.





Maths Homework - Division


Click here to attempt the on-line division questions. Please bring your workings outs into class.