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Extra Work

Extra Work

If you find yourself at home unwell but well enough to not get behind then here are some things that you could do. It is also a place where you can do some catchup work if you know that you need to pick your levels up.

Maths Mental papers

Ask a parent/ guardian or friend to give you a test and then you can check with a calculator afterwards.


You all have your Bug Club login details. You have access to books at your reading level with comprehension questions at that specific level too!

Read as much as possible!

Handwriting and Grammar


Any Writing that you can do will be of benefit to you. It is about; developing ideas, into paragraphs, around a topic; improving your handwritting; updating your ideas; using a mixture of compound, complex and simple sentences for variety and using all of your VCOP ideas (Vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation!)


You can choose any book from home and copy out the text in a joined handwriting. You will need your work to be legible to get the maximum marks and for level 4 and 5 you are expected to join your writing.