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Early Counting Experiences

The following links, articles and resources aim to support children's early counting experiences.


Useful Websites


Numbers 1-5


Five Little Speckled Frogs


1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive


Hickety Pickety My Red Hen


Counting Objects Game


Numbers 1-10


Underwater Counting Game


Counting, Matching and Ordering Numbers Game - The Gingerbread Man


Counting, Matching and Ordering Numbers Game - The Ladybird's Spots


Counting in the Animal Jungle


Dolphin Count


Counting Teddy Bears 


Understanding Numbers 1-10


Numbers 1-20


Balloon Pop Maths 


Understanding Numbers 1-20


Ordering Number 1-10/1-20/1-100


Caterpillar Ordering 


Fun Ordering Numbers Game


Number Jumbler 


Chinese Dragon Game 


Numbers to 20

Forest Ordering 


Numerical Ordering 


One More and One less




Rabbit 2


One More and One Less Bead Game


Counting Ideas and Printable Resources

Egg Counting Activity 1-10


Marshmallow Maths (1-10)


Dump Truck Counting Game (1-20)