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Visual Calculation Policy


The Visual Calculation Policy provides guidance on the teaching of methods for the four operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. This document also includes a bank of language for each operation, suggested resources and an overview of coverage for each year group

Cheddar Grove Mental Maths Badge System

General Information


Badges will be awarded to children who pass tests on a range of themes. Children must complete the test in the given time and must get all answers correct. Children will get to wear their current badge level to school until they pass the next level test at which time they will return the previous badge and move up to the next level. For every section of badges achieved, children will earn a certificate which will be presented in Learning Hero assemblies.




Sample tests are available  to download below in order to practise at home.


All children will be tested on a Monday afternoon by class teachers, parents cannot request for their child to be tested sooner as this needs to be consistent across the whole school.