School clubs and activities

Bug Clubs

Phonics Bug logoAccess the Bug Club, Phonics Bug and Science Bug

School ID: kh7w

If you have any probems please speak to your teacher who will be able to help.

School Council

Why do we have a School's Council?

 The School’s Council is an ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way the school is run. The School Council benefits the whole school, pupil and teachers, because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made. Councillors develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. It is the responsibility of each Councillor to ensure that they express both their own views of all the other pupils they represent.

Selection Process

At the beginning of each school year each class will discuss the role of the School Councillor and will agree on a set of criteria that the ideal candidate should try and meet, eg: confident to talk in front of others. Any children who are interested in taking on this role then have the opportunity to prepare and present a short pitch to their class explaining why they would make a good Class Council representative. The rest of the class then vote for the person they feel is most suitable for the role. We ask the children to be considerate of each other; if they have had the opportunity to take on this role before then they allow others to also have the opportunity.

Home-School Learning Page - In The Event of a School Closure


At our school we have access to a number of on-line learning platforms. These are used to support learning both in and out of school. In the event of school closure these websites will act as a useful source to support children's learning - they are also a lot fun! The login codes and user names can be found at the back of your child's reading journal.

Letter - Home-Learning Routes

A message from your child's teacher

Nursery - Miss Morgan

Reception - Mrs Fuller & Miss Duff

Year 1 - Miss Alderson & Miss Phillips

Year 2- Miss Stevens, Mrs Nyiri and Mrs Cable

Year 3- Mrs Griepl, Mrs Thompson & Mrs Jamieson 

Year 4- Mr Hall & Miss Gray

Year 5 - Miss Peasey & Miss Wiltshire

Year 6 - Mr Cox & Miss Ahmed


Alternative Education Pathways

The Robinhood Multi-Academy Trust have developed some excellent learning pathways which they have kindly shared with schools. Should you complete the tasks set by your teacher then these would act as excellent alternative learning source. 

Image result for robin hood academy

Instructions for parents: Click here

Project pages for children in the EYFS - Year 6: Click here



Staying Safe Online

Thinkyouknow - Click here

Childnet - Click here

Image result for e-Safety smart rules


World Health Organisation - Advice for Parents in the event of a school closure:

Click here 

Image result for world health organisation



Bug Club- (School Subscription- User Name & Password in the back of Reading Records)

Click on here to access the school's Bug Club Website. 

Image result for bug club


Times Table Rock Stars! (School Subscription- User Name & Password in the back of Reading Records)

Click here to access the school's TTRS account.

Image result for times tbale rock stars

Purple Mash (School Subscription- User Name & Password in the back of Reading Records)

Purple Mash is an online resource where children can access learning from all curriculum areas.

Click here to access the school's Purple Mash account.

Image result for purples mash Image result for purples mash 2 simple


Read Theory (Year 2-6)(School Subscription- User Name & Password in the back of Reading Records)

To access the school's Read Theory account click here

Image result for read theory

BBC Bite Size

Click here to access the BBC Bitesize resources

Image result for bbc bitesize


Classroom Secrets 

Click here to access a pack of resources from your child's year group. Topics covered include Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Image result for classroom secrets


Twinkl are offering parents and children access to their learning platform for free.

To access the offer click on the link here.

The free offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Image result for twinkl


Primary Star - Maths Activities (Year 1 & 2 only)

Click here to access the free resources.

Image result for primary stars


Premier League Stars 

Click here to access the free Premier League Stars resources.

Image result for google premier league


Kodu Games Lab (Year 5 & 6)

To access the Kodu Games Lab software and website click here

Image result for kodu

Scratch - Coding

To access the scratch coding website click here.

Image result for scratch


Literacy Shed

This website is great for finding inspirational video to use as writing prompts!

Click here

Image result for literacy shed


Click here

Image result for newsround

Google Earth Maths

Click here

Image result for google earth maths

School Reading List

Book recommendations for each year group. Click here

Image result for recommend reading list for primary aged children

E-Safety Project (7-11)

Childnet - Click here

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Nursery - Home Learning


Hello everyone. I hope this message finds you all happy and safe during this extended lockdown period. It has been lovely to see so many videos and photos of your fun activities at home. Keep sending them to the ILD using this link:

Instead of using the website, I will now be sending you activity ideas and fun learning oportunities via the Home 'learning zone' link on the ILD. You will recieve messages via the ILD and can comment and upload your responses or ask any questions you may have on the portal. Don't forget, there is also an extensive list of activities you could try at home at the bottom of this page.

Look who knocked on my door and came to tea. Find out more on the ILD.

Take care,

Miss Morgan and the Nursery Team x






Happy Easter everybody! I hope you and your families are safe and well.  Click here to watch and listen to Miss Morgan's Easter story. Have fun! The password for the story is: happyeaster


Message from your teacher - Week Beginning 30th April 2020

Hello Everyone. I hope this message finds you all well and hope that you have been able to enjoy the lovely, sunny weather we have had this week. We were sad to have to say our goodbyes so suddenly last week and wish all of our children and families best wishes during this difficult time. The Nursery staff are missing you all but we are also excited to keep in touch with you and find out how have been learning at home. We have already enjoyed watching videos of you singing, counting and painting and other fun activities. Don't forget to add any videos or photos to the ILD for us to see. We will endeavour to send you a message back. Use the portal below to upload you pictures, videos and comments:



On Monday and Tuesday, Miss Morgan worked in the Nursery with a number of Nursery and Reception children whose parents and carers need to go to work. We made some bubbly water and role played being firemen with pretend hoses and water squirters! We even made a car wash and scrubbed and cleaned the bikes in the sunshine. We also painted some colourful rainbows for the children to display in their windows at home. Maybe you could do that too. Miss Morgan also planted a sunflower seed and has been carefully watering it each day. Look how much it has grown! There were 3 little shoots stretching up towards the sun when she checked this morning! I wonder how tall your sunflower is? Send us some photos on the ILD. We would love to see them.



New activities to try this week:

Image result for phonics

  • Sound Games: Play the sound games on this website. Can you guess what makes those sounds? What other sounds can you hear in your garden? Can you copy those sounds?




  •  Make and mould 'No cook playdough'                                                                                                                             

You will need:

2 cups of plain flour

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

½ a cup of salt

2 cups of warm water

Food colouring (optional)

What to do:

1. Mix the flour, salt, oil and food colouring (if you have it) into a mixing bowl

2. Slowly add the warm water and stir

3. Allow the dough to cool and knead once finished


  • Play shops


You will need:

Shop bought cardboard items such as cereal boxes.

Other food items that won’t get spoiled if played with for example tinned beans/peas



Paper money/ money made with paper and pens

What to do:

1. Look through the cupboards for food items and boxes that can be used for playing

2. Set up the shop with these items placing them on a table or chair

3. Take it in turns to be the shop keeper and customer. Buy items from the shop and exchange items for pretend money

4. Use penny coins if you have some and practise counting out items up to 10p. Match with a number on a price tag


  • Look for signs of Spring  Go for a walk with a grown up around your garden or to a nearby park. (Remember to stay 2 metres away from other people). Spot as many signs of Spring as you can and tell a grown up all about them. Draw the things you have seen when you get home.


  • Paint a rainbow or make a collage rainbow Sing the rainbow song together using this link     Count the colours inside the rainbow and go on a colour hunt around the house to find things that are the same colour. Draw some curved lines then colour, paint, cut and stick paper or material to make a beautiful rainbow. Put the rainbow in your window for your friends to see.


  • Sing the Nursery hand washing song (to the tune of row, row, row your boat)                                                    


Wash, wash, wash, your hands
Play our handy game
Rub and scrub, scrub and rub
Germs go down the drain !

Wash, wash, wash, your hands
Play our handy game
between the fingers and around the thumbs
Germs go down the drain !

Wash, wash, wash, your hands

Play our handy game

rub your plams and the back of your hands
Germs go down the drain !


Next week:

  • Tune in for story time with Miss Morgan
  • Join in with a sing-a-long session (We will post this on the website)
  • Messages form Mrs Stepaniuk and Mrs Clark
  • An invitation to join the Easy Peasy pod 
  • And more activities to promote learning at home


Stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing your observations on the ILD. Stay in touch.

Best wishes,

Miss Morgan and The Nursery Team xx












Image result for nursery learning



            They have a free log in for parents. Lots of fun games to encourage knowldege of letters and sounds



            Lots of lovely ideas to try at home!



           Work out with Andy on iplayer by selecting 'Andy's wild workouts!"



            Try some yoga at home for a brain break. The frozen yoga is fun. I enjoyed the yoga disco!

Lovely ideas for Nursery and infant children. Some incredible playdough recipes and sensory play activity ideas.
Lots of ideas for home learning with little ones.
Lots of fun activities that promote communication and language skills. Check out Mr Tumble’s sing a long songs and games.
Some fun games and audio clips to encourage listening and attention skills.
So many lovely resources that encourage music and movement skills, listening and attention, learning about the world around us.
We use these animated songs and rhymes in Nursery to encourage awareness of rhyming.
Great ideas for messy play activities. Download the PDF for some ideas.
Great ideas for den building, water play, messy play in the home and garden.
Some fun and active games to play in the garden or park.
Activities for everyday transitions.
Some activities for the garden.
Some fun and interactive tasks to encourage fine motor skills.
Sensory activity ideas.
A free educational app where schools of fish transform themselves into letters and numbers, encouraging little children to learn to count and read in a playful and interactive way.
Endless numbers by originators is an app that encourages young children to learn about number. Lovely animations and great problem solving activities.


Reception Home Learning

Term 5 Learning

We are moving to the ILD for learning links this term.


Image result for reception class

 Weekly Update - Week Beginning 20th April

To all of our Reception Parents and Carers,

Fitstly, we hope that you and your extended families and friends are all staying well. 

 We hope you all had some happy Easter celebrations and enjoyed some sunny times together. It has been great to see all of the arts and crafts which you have all been up to, as well as the home learning activities.

We are now beginning Term 5, after what would have usually been our two week Easter holiday. We look forward to continue to working with you and supporting your children in their learning journey at home.

From this week onwards, we will be using the learning platform on the Interactive Learning Diaries to share ideas, work and feedback, It makes sense to keep have everything in one place. 

Please see the ILD for this week's learning support ideas and celebrations from our competition.

Thank you,

The Reception Team


Weekly update- Week Beginning the 6th April 



A message from Miss Duff and Mrs Fuller.


 Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and have been keeping busy. It is lovely to see lots of observations being uploaded onto the ILD. Take a look at some of the amazing home learning below!


We’ve decided we’re going to grow some veg. Jude (and Seb) helped their Daddy build the raised beds. Jude helped to measure the wood using a tape measure and then helped Daddy to drill the wood. Next job for tomorrow....seed planting!




Freddie has some special pens that can write on glass he drew a lovely picture and wrote his name. He had a lot of fun



We made some rainbows for our window. We like to go for a short daily walk and count the rainbows we can see in other people’s windows.  Eleanor also made a banana cake and it was delicious. She has done lots of counting and enjoyed using the pasta and playdoh. We had fun with google putting animals in our home. Eleanor has been a great Gardener planting seeds and she loved her big curly hair after mummy gave her plaits at the ‘hair salon’ 27/03/20


We have started an Around the World project. Hazel chose Italy and we found it on the map. She made a poster with an Italian flag, Italian food and some Italian words.





Ezra has enjoyed learning about shapes and playing with them in different ways the last couple of days. He made the 2 pictures (a man and a stegosaurus) using some shape stamps I bought a while ago. Before we used them we named each shape and put them in order according to number of sides. He's also completed the shape pages in the school workbook. 31/03/20


I hope you enjoyed the activities last week, here are some more to try!


 Have a go at decorating your own hard boiled egg (potato if allergic) for a chance to win a special prize! Upload a picture of your finished egg to ILD by Friday 17th April! Below are some examples that may give you some inspiration. 


Image result for phonics


Play a game of bingo 

How to play 

1. Divide a piece of paper into 6 and choose a phase 3 sound to write into each box.

2. Using the phase 3 sounds above, make some flash cards to hold up.

3. If your child has a sound on their board that corresponds with the one you are holding up, they can put a counter onto the top of their board.

4. When all the sounds are covered, shout bingo!!

5. If you would like a challenge, try this with CVC or CVVC words e.g mat, top, soap, night.

Creative Writing 

Make your own story book about this picture of an Easter bunny.

What is his/her name? Where is he/she going? Who are they going to meet on their adventure?


Maths On Shapes Display Cut Outs (teacher made)


Easter Egg Hunt

Hide some eggs (or alternative) in your house/garden and see if your child can find them. Have a go at doing some problem solving, for example:

1. If there are 10 eggs in the basket and 5 get eaten, how many are left in the basket?

2. If the Easter bunny brought 15 eggs and you ate 2, how many would be left?


Egg and Spoon Race

Keep active by having an egg and spoon race.



Weekly update- Week Beginning the 30th March


A message from Miss Duff and Mrs Fuller.


 Hello Reception!

I hope you all are well and have been enjoying the sunshine with your families. Hopefully you have settled into your new routines and you’re keeping up with the home learning. The reception staff are missing you and are excited to find out what you have been learning about at home. Don't forget to keep in touch by uploading your observations onto the ILD. We will be updating you each week on how we are getting on and give you some new activities to try!


Play a game of splatImage result for phonics


On pieces of paper write out a range of cvc/cvvc words e.g cat, dog, boat, chip etc. Place the cards around the room and call out the word by segmenting it for your child e.g b/oa/t. See if your child can blend the word together (boat) and splat the correct card. Take in turns, giving your child a chance to segement. 


Maths On Shapes Display Cut Outs (teacher made)


Play a game of shops

You will need:


Shop bought cardboard items such as cereal boxes.


Other food items that won’t get spoiled if played with for example tinned beans/peas






Paper money/ money made with paper and pens


What to do:


1. Look through the cupboards for food items and boxes that can be used for playing


2. Set up the shop with these items placing them on a table or chair


3. Take it in turns to be the shop keeper and customer. Buy items from the shop and exchange items for pretend money


4. Use penny coins if you have some and practise counting out items up to 20p. Match with a number on a price tag. Try buying two items and practise adding two amounts together. e.g 5 +5=10




 Make and mould 'No cook playdough'                                                                                                                             


You will need:


2 cups of plain flour


2 tablespoons of vegetable oil


½ a cup of salt


2 cups of warm water


Food colouring (optional)


What to do:


1. Mix the flour, salt, oil and food colouring (if you have it) into a mixing bowl


2. Slowly add the warm water and stir


3. Allow the dough to cool and knead once finished


Take a walk and make a mobile

Go for a walk and collect natural resources e.g flowers, leaves, stones, nuts, sticks, feathers etc and make your own moblie or dream catcher by attaching them together using string. 

Learning with Nature - Reflections, Thoughts & Reviews - Circle of ...


Take care everyone and we look forward to seeing your observations on the ILD. 

The Reception Team :) 















Image result for reception class

WEEKLY UPDATE - Message from your teachers Week Begining 30th March 2020 


Image result for phonics

 some interactive games to help practise phase 2/3 phonics skills.


Children can access bug club to practise reading. We have sent your child’s username onto the ILD. All books have been updated.

Image result for bug club




We use these animated songs and rhymes in school to encourage awareness of rhyming. Children can write out nursery rhymes in the exercise book provided. 




This website has lots of interactive games to practise maths skills.


 Wider curriculum

These websites have lots of activities for physical development, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

Lots of fun activities that promote communication and language skills. Check out Mr Tumble’s sing a long songs and games.

Some fun games and audio clips to encourage listening and attention skills.

So many lovely resources that encourage music and movement skills, listening and attention, learning about the world around us.

Great ideas for den building, water play, messy play in the home and garden.

Some fun and active games to play in the garden or park.

Some activities for the garden.

Some fun and interactive tasks to encourage fine motor skills.

Twinkl has lots of downloadable/printable resources for all curriculum area.


As always we welcome your photos and comments on the ILD. We will respond even if the school is closed.


Year 1- Home Learning

Image result for year 1

Week beginning 27th April 2020

Hello again, Year 1!

We hope you have had another good week of home-learning alongside catching some sunshine. What a sunny week it has been! 

Take a look at this week's activities that we have set for you. 




Here are some more tasks surrounding The Flying Bath.                                                                                                                                                                    (Remember that you can listen to this story on YouTube)


Task 1 - Think of some actions that you could perform the story with

Task 2 - Create a story map 

Task 3 - Rewrite the story using full sentences

Task 4 - Write your own story that is similar


Speech and Language 


Here are some activities from our school's Speech and Language Therapist. 



These tasks have been set for you on Bug Club.


Task 1 - Making Sentences

Task 2 - Sentence Punctuation

Task 3 - Words and Sentences


Click here to access this week's spellings.

 Practise these words and get someone at home to test you at the end of the week!



Reading and Phonics

Keep up the excellent reading on Bug Club! Remember that you have your school reading books to enjoy too. 

Scroll down to access the recommended Phonics games and activities. It is important to keep revising and practising the sounds we have learned. 




Task 1Identifying odd and even numbers powerpoint


Task 2 - Writing numbers as words powerpoint

Writing numbers as words activity sheet


Task 3 - Missing number addition 

Missing number subtraction


Task 4 - Measuring length using standard and non-standard units


Task 5 - Measuring and recording capacity




Continue with the activities on Bug Club that explore our 'Plants' topic.

We can't wait to hear about how some of your plants are growing. At school, we have planted some too! Please continue to send us some pictures if you have been getting green-fingered. 


Here is a photo of some children who have planted geraniums, sunflowers and pansies in school last week. We keep watering them every day to help them grow.



Mindful Activities

Here are some relaxing activities to clear your mind and help you to relax:

Activity 1

Activity 2




Why not create a fact file about one of the 5 oceans?

- The Indian Ocean

- The Southern Ocean

- The Atlantic Ocean

- The Pacific Ocean

- The Arctic Ocean


DT Project

Linking to our study of Plants in both Art and Science, can you create a 'fake' plant made out of recycled packaging? Make use of unwanted materials lying around your house. If you manage to, take some pictures and send them our way! 

Flower Made from Upcycled Materials • Recyclart




Week beginning 20th April 2020

Welcome back! We hope you have had a fantastic Easter break and that you are all safe and well. We would love to hear about any new skills you might have learnt over the Easter break. Have you managed an Easter Egg Hunt? Miss Alderson has been doing lots of running and baking banana bread - have any of you tried making it? It’s delicious! Miss Phillips has been doing lots of Joe Wicks workouts and trying some new recipies.

Miss you all and look forward to hearing about your indoor & outdoor adventures :-)




We hope you have familiarised yourself with The Flying Bath story! Below are some tasks related to the book. Click on the link to access the worksheet.


Task 1How many rhyming words can you hear in the story?


Task 2Use adjectives to describe one of the settings that an animal lives in.


Task 3Can you find any exclamation marks and question marks? Can you think of your own sentences about the book using this punctuation?





These tasks have been set for you on Bug Club.


Task 1 – Adding -un to words.


Task 2 – Capital letters.


Task 3 – Grammar terms.



On Bug Club there are some more activities for you to explore our 'Plants' topic. This weather is perfect for having a go at growing your own plants. Please send us some pictures if you have been out gardening.


Remember to read as much as possible! Whether this is your school books, books on Bug Club or your own selection of home books. It is fantastic to see so many of you reading the books on Bug Club - keep up the good work!

Below we have left all the previously suggested tasks. Feel free to continue with these if you have not yet completed them. 


We are focusing on the Phase 3 and 5 sounds. Please use these helpful links to revise the sounds with your child/children daily.
Mr Mc is now doing daily phonics lessons on his YouTube channel. This is particularly useful for children working on Phase 3 sounds.
Our new book will be 'The Flying Bath' by Julia Donaldson. 
Image result for the flying bath
Here is a reading of the book from Youtube. Please listen to this with your child/children and ensure they familiarise themselves with the story. 
Additionally, reading with/to your child daily is important to maintain reading fluency and stamina. As well as the books in your child's book bag, you can access online books at your child's level on Bug Club. 
You can find inspiration on the Literacy Shed website which has exciting video clips to inspire story writing.
We really look forward to reading some of your stories.
Perhaps you could become an author and illustrator and make your own book.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

We have allocated 10 lessons related to spelling, punctuation and grammar which can be accessed on Bug Club. Your child's username and password can be located in the back of their reading record. The lessons are short and interactive games focusing on skills that have been previously taught in school. 
Week commencing 23rd March 2020
Lesson 1: adding -s or -es.
Lesson 2: difficult words.
Lesson 3: putting sentences together.
Lesson 4: plurals.
Lesson 5: using 'and'.
Week commencing 30th March 2020
Lesson 6: days of the week.
Lesson 7: different words.
Lesson 8: spelling with phonemes.
Lesson 9: the alphabet.
Lesson 10: word endings. 
To further develop spelling, please continue to practise the spellings in your child's spelling book and recap previous words they may have found tricky.
Here are the next few weeks spellings if you wish to practise them:
Week commencing 23rd March - rain, stay, same, flag, one, once.
Week commencing 30th March - soil, boy, spoon, step, ask, friend.
Week commencing 6th April - see, meet, each, happy, twist, school.
Week commencing 13th April - night, tried, ride, fly, smell, put.
Week commencing 20th April - road, hole, blown, goes, shelf, push.
Week commencing 23rd March 2020

If you would like to access more resources, the following sites can be used for maths tasks.

Classroom Secrets 

Click here to access a pack of resources from your child's year group. Topics covered include Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Image result for classroom secrets


Twinkl are offering parents and children access to their learning platform for free.

To access the offer click on the link here.

The free offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Image result for twinkl


Our new topic will be 'The Five Oceans'.
See if your child can name the five oceans and locate them on a map.
How big is each ocean? Which one is the biggest/smallest?
Have you been to any countries near these oceans?
What plants and animals live in each ocean? 
Why do different oceans inhabit different sea life?
Image result for ocean
In our science lessons this year, the children have been learning about the seasons and weather.
On Bug Club we have allocated some resources to revise this with your child. 
Our new topic will be 'Plants'. Your children will need to be able to:
  • Identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees.
  • Identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.

Week commencing 23/3/20 - On Bug Club we have alloacted some resources to get you started with the Plant topic. These activities include; identifying, sorting and describing plants. 

Project opportunity: Grow your own plant at home.
This could be a sunflower, watercress or even some strawberries! Record the growth of your plant and the new parts of the plant as they develop over time.
You could make sketches, take pictures and label the parts of the plant.   
Art: Still life
Opportunity for still life drawing of different plants/flowers.
Image result for plants


Year 2 - Home Learning


Image result for year 2

Friday 1st May

Good Morning Year 2!

Have you noticed that something has changed in the date today? What's new?

Did anyone manage to find the books in the Getepic challenge from yesterday?

If you did see if you can send us a message on Seesaw! Tell us something about the books. (Thursday's work!)


Today is the last day we will be using this website to share our learning.

Look out for a weekly message every Monday on Seesaw that will tell you what's happening for that week.

Learning is going to get very exciting!


This week your spellings focus on the -ness and -ment suffixes. If a suffix starts with a consonant letter, it is added straight on to most root words without any change to the last letter of those words. freshness, sickness, enjoyment, treatment, movement, brightness, payment, happiness, would, who



Please upload your super hero character descriptions onto Seesaw so that we can use them next week :)



Top tip: the picture shows 1 quarter.

This is todays lesson.

Remember listen to the 10 minute teacher talk first.

There are all sorts of different questions in this activity.

You can show your grown up how brilliant you are!

Spend about 40 mins on your maths today

If you finish quickly OR if you fancy it practise times tables on Karate Cats!


Thursday 30th April


For your topic work today, we would like you to start our History topic (If you did this last week fab! We have had a few technical issues with the website, sorry). In history we are learning about ‘Toys Across Time’.


Today we would like you to think about your favourite toy. Why do you like it? What does it do? What is it made from? Click here to look at some questions you could answer about your favourite toy. Click here to draw and label your favourite toy (you could do this on plain paper if you don’t have a printer. 


Today's daily maths problem.


Top tip: Question 2 is a division problem.

             Think about the X3 table...


We hope you are enjoying all the measuring this week. Remember you can get even more practise by using a ruler around your house.

Make a list of things that are >1m  (more than 1 metre)   OR    <1m (less than 1m).

Click on the link for todays lesson. (Summer term /week 2)

Did you manage to try Karate Cats yesterday?

Have a go if you have time left. (Work for about 40 mins)

We are so proud of you all.

Look out for a message from our new classroom Seesaw....


By the way we found some lovely books about a beach on the getepic site.

See if you can find Lucy the dinosaur day at the beach  OR Think like a scientist at the beach  AND listen to the silly songThe Going to the Beach Song!

Have fun! 






Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Year 2!

We hope all is well with you and your family... do not worry about the rainy weather : it's perfect for reading!

Why not login to getepic and find a lovely story that is set on a tropical island! Escape to a sandy beach ... lovely.

Carry on with the English work from Tuesday- keep thinking about your superhero's amazing skills!


 Here's your daily maths problem.


Top tip: Question 3 might need some totalling first! Good Luck.

Continuing with our work about length we are moving on to this page.

Before you try the pupils work listen to the teacher (about 10 mins). Summer term/week 2/Lesson 1 - Compare lengths

During the work you will be asked to choose suitable units of measure - either centimetres (cm) OR metres (m).

Try to spend 40 minutes doing your maths.

If you finish try practising some questions about measurement (you need to scroll through the games!) on our new favourite wedpage.... Karate Cats!

           Amber loves Karate Cats too!


Tuesday 28th April

Morning Year 2

Happy Tuesday... the sunshine may have gone but some lovely home learning

will make us all smile. :)

We hope you managed to take a quick peek at the iplayer daily lessons.

This is a good one about verbs and adverbs

And don't forget to log onto getepic books. There are hundreds of books and videos waiting for you.

2NC your code is vll9043

2S your code is qbk5028 


It's time for you to tell us all about your super hero! Click here to see your writing task.



Let's start with the problem of the day.

A lovely empty number line question.

Tip: work out what each little line stands for (represents).


We hope you enjoyed Monday's work which started a new section all about measuring.


Try lesson 4 today : Measure Length (m). It's from summer term week 1.

Remember listen to the teacher first then have a go at the questions.

You're going to have to replace Classroom with Your home!

Have fun!

We are so proud of you. Try to work for  about 40 minutes.

You could extend the lesson by using a tape measure to measure things in your house.

Make a chart  with two columns : 1. more than >  OR   2. less than <   1metre (m)

Hello from Mrs Nyiri's cat Amber! Meeeooowww!

Monday 27th April

Hello Year 2!

We hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to spend some time in the super sunshine.



Remember to always do your 5 Finger Re-tell when you finish a book at home. Today, we are going to re-tell the story of Traction Man but this time we're going to box the story up into 8 parts. Watch this video for today's task.


This week we are going to practise measuring with rulers. 
You will be reminded about centimetres (cm), metres (m) and millimetres (mm).

Let's start with the maths problem of the day. 

Some interesting fraction questions ....Good Luck!


So today we are beginning a new section on White Rose home learning .

We are starting at Lesson 3 - Measure Length.

You are going to need a cm ruler, a pencil and some paper.

This begins with a few revision questions then you begin today's lesson.

Listen to the teacher first ( about 10 minutes) and then have a go at "Get the Activity".

We think you are really going to enjoy this practcal work.

You could extend this work further by doing even more measuring: your toys, books and furniture!

Try to spend at least 40 minutes doing this work.

You are brilliant!


Tomorrow try Lesson 4 - Measure Length (m).


Year 2, have you taken a look at the daily lessons on the iplayer?

There are lots of interesting things to see.

Try and take a look today.






Friday 24th April

Hello Year 2. Here are your spellings for the week, They follow different spelling patterns that we have already learnt. 

bubble, tumble, pedal, ladies, happiest, baking, closest, hummed, wouldn't and won't


If your child needs extra support with their speech and langauge skills, please click here to access a range of different activites passes onto us by our  schools speech and langauge therapist. 


Hello Year 2

   Here is a fabulous video showing Mini Grey creating illustrations for Traction Man.

   Why not try drawing some for yourself?

   Have fun!

   Giant elbow taps from Mrs Nyiri, Mrs Cable and Miss Stevens. ;)

   We miss you!


   Look down the page for NEW daily maths.


Don't forget to check out

2NC your login is vll9043   

Our topic this term is all about Toys so we have assigned you some great topic books.

Golden Stars to Buddy, Orla, Darcy and Isabelle.

We can see when you have been reading! 



Wednesday 22nd April

This term, we are going to work towards writing our very own super hero story. But first, you need to create your very own super hero. Use this planning sheet to design your own hero - what is their costume? What powers do they have? Do they have different costumes for different missions? You can pop those ideas in the boxes to the right.

Once you have planned your hero, it's time to make it! Click here to watch a 'how to' video. We can't wait to see your action figures when SeeSaw is launched!


Well done Sonny, you are the star of the day for your excellent sculpting and costume making skills :)


Term 5

Welcome Back


Hello Year 2

We hope you had a fantastic Easter holiday and enjoyed lots of lovely sunshine in your gardens. We hope you and your families are well. We are missing you terribly.

Finally, we hope the Easter bunny found you and delivered at least 1 yummy egg!


We are all well and like you have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Mrs Cable has been baking delicious cakes, Miss Stevens has been walking and discovering new places close to her home and Mrs Nyiri has been planting seeds!





    Tuesday 21st April


   Did you love Traction Man?

   Here are some sentences about Traction Man.

   Can you fill in the missing words.

   If you get stuck you can read Traction man again.

   There are  also a few questions and a task for you to do at the end.


         Traction man is here wearing ________________________ boots, _________________________ pants   and his warfare _______________.



         Traction man is ___________________ down in his ____________ powered trainer towards planet _______________________.


    Who was holding the farm animals captive? 

    What was traction man wearing when he jumped on the pillows?

    What types of animals did Traction man save?



    Imagine farm or zoo animals in your bedroom.

    Look around your bedroom... what could be trapping them and where could it be happening?


    On Island rug,  mountain chair, volcano desk?

    And by whom?


    Nasty pencils, wicked paperclips, evil teddy!

    Imagine Traction man rescuing the animals- yippee they are safe!

    Draw a picture of what's happening.

    Can you add some speech bubbles like in the Traction Man story book.



       This is a story we would have been reading together …luckily, it is on YouTube.

        We think you are really going to like it.

        After you have listened there is a little task

.       Have fun!









           Friday 24th April


         Hello Year 2

         Another problem of the day to get you and your families thinking.

         Working together is great because it allows you to show off how brilliant you are!



 Well done for working out the daily maths lesson.

 Here is some work that will remind you how to represent numbers up to 100 in different ways.

 Can you remember what represent means?  Yes that's right stand for OR to show.


 Firstly have a look at this video.

 Do you remember when we represented 2 digit numbers at school.

 We used coins, base 10, counters, pencils and drawings.

 On big paper with partners... it was fun!



 Your challenge is to choose some 2-digit numbers and use things in your house that you can represent 

 them with.... rice, pens, straws, leaves! Be creative - write the number clearly on a piece of paper and then 

 surround it with your ideas. Take a picture and send it to Year 2 teachers via the school website.

 If you still want to do more then look here for activity 2.

 We are so proud of you ... get thinking and be creative!




             Thursday 23rd April







          We hope you enjoyed the shopping/money problems on Wednesday.

           Start today by thinking of odd and even numbers.

           You have to use the numbers below to make two digit numbers.

            How many can you make in 30 seconds?  1 minute?

            Then try the challenge at the bottom.



  Have a look at this .... adding single-digit numbers.

  Read these through by yourself and then with a grown up.

  You are going to be looking for number facts, doubles and using place value to total your answer.



Here are some numbers to try for yourself.

Look for number facts, doubles and use place value to total your answer.


You can do this on a piece of paper.

You can find the answers at this website. 

Good Luck!


              Wednesday 22nd April    

               A new problem for you and your family to solve.






                                                 We thought you might enjoy some money work and shopping problems.




                      Now try makeing some shopping lists for you to calculate.

                       See if you can find some coins at home to help you... happy shopping!

                       Try and work for 30 minutes.




             Tuesday 21st April

            Try the new maths problem of the day.

            We hope you are enjoying these. Sometimes they are quite tricky.

            Remember ask a grown up if you get stuck .... but really think first ! 




             Here are some questions to check your times tables.

             Just try the "Learn Slideshow" and "Activity 1"








            Monday 20th April



              How are you getting on with the little home learning maths books ?


              Try spending 30 minutes trying to complete them        OR

              Try writing out numbers to 100 ... then 200 ... then 500!  You could use different colours.

              Can you spell number words? Ask a grown up to call numbers out and see if you can write it in words.





Happy Easter!

Why not have a go at painting a spring or Easter picture using cotton buds. You need to take your time and plan your picture carefully. 


Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning Year 2!

We hope you are well and getting into a routine at home.

Remember these are just a few ideas for you to try. Any  sort of home learning will be excellent.


There's a new daily maths problem. Number 5.

We hope you've been enjoying these.

Don't forget to keep practising your  times tables, either with Rock Stars or other games on line.

Also number bonds to 20 ...Can you remember them? (Look in  "This way to Fun!" for some  neat rainbow sums!


Lastly we've found a Book Scavenger hunt (english section).

I wonder if you can think of a book for each question? If not look at your books at home OR look on Bug Club.


Saturday will be the first day of your Easter School Holiday so look on the website for some lovely craft and art ideas.

Take care and keep safe.


We miss you!  Happy Easter!



Wednesday 1st April 2020

Yippee we've begun a new month.... April.

Hopefully April will bring some sunshine and warm weather for us to enjoy in our gardens.

See what you can find out about the month of  April? How many days does it have?  Why is it called April?


Today we are sending out big cheers to Buddy in 2NC!

He has been reading Bug Club books AND is the first person to try EPIC books in 2NC

Great job Buddy!

Also a shout out for Lyla in 2NC and Charlie in 2S for spending time on Bug Club. 

We are sending out a challenge to get reading .... We can see your activity children.

Please read....lots!


Check out the new daily maths problem .- Number 4.

We've popped in a new english activity- hope you like it.

Did you like the "Small Potatoes"  ? 




Monday 31st March 2020.


Take a look at Mr Banana's moon buggy! Can you spot which household items and junk he has used to construct it?

 Check out the new english activity further down the page...

 Also meet the "Small Potatoes" at the bottom of the english section and there is an activity all about your friends.

 Lastly check out the new daily maths problem....lots to do! 

Don't forget to login to Bug Club.


Monday 30th March 2020.


Hello Year 2! We hope you are all well and had a good weekend. Remember to see below for this week's activities.






Well done Kaci from 2S and Maci from 2NC for logging into Bug Club and completing a range of activities. Top job!


Finally, here's a story from Miss Stevens. Have a great day everyone! 



WEEKLY UPDATE - Message from your teachers Week Begining 30th March 2020


A big hello to all our Year 2 pupils and their families from Mrs Cable , Mrs Nyiri and Miss Stevens. We hope you have been enjoying your new learning journey at home.

We miss you all!


Mrs Cable has been taking some time to do a spot of yoga and baking, when she is not working.She even made some playdough for her little boy to play with, using items from the kitchen cupboard.

Mrs Nyiri has been cooking and playing with her two special pussy cats, named Amber and Fitch. They love being stroked and brushed. She has enjoyed a daily walk and has been spotting all the beautiful blossom and flowers that are coming out in the spring sunshine.

Miss Stevens was in school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but now she is at home. Each morning, she has done some peaceful yoga and sat on her sunny balcony reading her book. She ticked off one of the boredom busters by constructing a new garden chair and she looks forward to reading a story on it with Mr Bananas!


Here are some activities for the week ahead.

Don't forget to! 

Bug Club and getepic are waiting for you ....

We found some great videos on getepic too. There's a brilliant one all about making slime!

Lesson 1  Make equal parts

Lesson 2  Recognise a half

Lesson 3  Find a half

Lesson 4  Recognise a quarter 

Lesson 5  Find a quarter


Each lesson has an explanation and then an activity sheet to fill in and have a go.

If you get stuck you can watch the little film again.

Try a different lesson each day.

There are answers to check your work after you've had a go...have fun :)



Why not try solving a maths problem everyday.

You can ask your family to check your answers.







This week we are still thinking about poems.

We are going to write one of our own based on the pattern of this poem about a fairy!

Practise saying it out LOUD! in different voices... like a dragon... like a unicorn?!


Do you remember what verbs are?

Yes that's right action/doing words.


This fairy uses lots of verbs to describe what she is doing....     fight,  ride.

What other verbs does she use?



Now you try and write a poem about an alien and use these verbs to help you.

Look at the fairy poem and magpie the structure.


Here's one we've written.


If I was an alien I would

Zoom in a silver rocket ship all over the galaxy

Jump between deep dark moon craters 

And wiggle my ears when I munch moon rocks for my breakfast.


You can then try and write another verse.

Have some fun.

Remember no one writes a brilliant poem first time.

Practise saying your poem outloud.

How does it sound?

Can you improve it?

You could also write a poem called


If I was an astronaunt 


Good Luck!


Try this new activity


Draw your own amazing rocket. What 10 things would you take on a trip into space?


Try using your phonics to answer these questions...





Number 5.

Here's a scavenger hunt that needs you to think  about all  the books you've read? Have fun!





                         Thinking about your wonderful friends...

                           Why not draw your own octopus. 







 If you liked Small Potatoes you can find more episodes on the iplayer or youtube.



Use the rainbow to practise number bonds to 20.






Yesterday we made animals out of nature! Click here to see and guess what we created. Try your own in your garden or out of house hold objects :) 

In Year 2 we confidently learn to count in our 3's, 2's, 5's and 10's. Click here to practise. It's great to do this as often as you can! 




Listen to Mrs Cable reading one of her favourite poem books here


We've  found this lovely space poem. 

Try reading it out loud to ... a kind grown up... a friendly pet ... a friend on line.

Read it quietly.

Read it LOUDLY!

Read it in a high pitched  voice  and then  in a deep, low voice. 

Can you spot the rhyming words?


There are some questions to go with it if you fancy doing a bit more. 






Hi Year 2!

All Bug Club book bands have been updated so if you have run out of books, please use Bug Club to read and complete quizzes. Also, look out for SPaG assignments too. Fun games will help us remember everything we've been learning at school. 

2S, your class code for (another fabulous online library) is: qbk5028

2NC's code is TYL7345



Today, we're looking at giving and following directions bbcbitesize video, dance. Look at these activity cards and direct Ricky Robot! Extension: Can you use clock-wise and anti-clockwise instead of left or right turn?

ART - yesterday, we created our own ~rainbowtrail rainbows out of felt. These will brighten up your homes and if you hang them on your window, it will brighten others' days too!


ENGLISH (pop a date at the top of your page)

Hello 2NC Mrs Cable and Mrs Nyiri here!

We can't wait to see who will be the first to login to getepic? We've been checking every day... it's lots of fun .


Now here's a lovely english activity for fans of Bob!

Remember those naughty aliens? Write as many adjectives(describing words) as you can think of on a piece of paper (colours,sizes, looks etc) and then put them into an  alphabetical  list.


So you could have : green, enormous, strange, weird ,silly

Then when you have thought of lots put them in alphabetical order: sing the alphabet song to help. Which letters come first?

What would happen if you had two words starting with the same letter?

1. enormous

2. green

3. silly        Why did this word come first?    Talk to a grown up about it...

4. strange

5. weird     

Good Luck !

Could you think of more than 10 words? 

If you'd like to do more then use the words in your list to write 5 sentences about an alien.

Try to write longer sentences by using conjunctions like :  and , because  OR  also 



Image result for image of bob the man on the moon



Hi Everyone, Miss Stevens here! I hope you're all well and smiling today :) I've finally worked out how to upload videos to YouTube and how to upload sheets for you on this website. So visit this page each day for an update and ideas for learning at home. Year 2 teachers recommend that you start the day with a work out (we've been using Joe Wicks). Then read your book/ go on Bug Club or Read Theory for 20-30 minutes. Have a break at 10.30. Then complete a Maths activity. Lunch is at 12 and make sure you play and eat well until 1. In the afternoon, continue with your moon buggy project or practise some Art in your sketch book. Of course, if you want to start your very own alien story, remember to put the date at the top of your English book page and off you go :)

Click here to see Miss Stevens' first blog (from yesterday!)

Today's Maths work sheet is all about position and direction. Label each shape with the fraction rotation - 1/4 or 1/2 rotation. Here's a tutorial to help.


We are basing our Topic and English work around the book, Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob) 


DT: We have designed and planned a moon buggy. If we don't manage to construct these at school, why don't you gather junk form home and create your very own moon buggy!

moon buggy

English: We are writing our very own 'Day in the Life' stories. This could be one of the aliens that we have noticed in the story or it could be Bob's space friends or even the tourists! It's up to you.

Science: We are investigating how we can change the shape of different materials. How can we change their shape? Are these changes reversible? 

Maths: Our focus this term is multiplication and division. Division also leads onto fractions! Let's have fun with can we share shapes and amounts equally?


We are basing our Topic and English work around the book, Traction Man by Mini Grey.

This is an incredibly rich story that lends itself to so many exciting activities!


ENGLISH: We will be creating our very own super heroes and super hero stories. How can your classroom/ house super hero save the day?! Find lots of different ideas of how to bring this story alive here...

MATHS: This term we will be revising all Mathematical topics ready for the KS1 assessments. 

Addition and subtraction using partitioning. (Use booklets)

Multiplication and division facts (2,5,10,3). (Use booklets and recitale games, TT Rockstars)

Fractions - 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 2/4 and 3/4. (Use booklets/ find opportunties at home to investigate sharing equally)

Telling the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minutes. (Use Twinkl/ lots of dicusussion on about time using clocks - reading and calculating durations)

Money - identifying money and finding change. (Use Twinkl and home resources, play shops!)

Measure - kg/ g, km, m, L, ml (Find any opportunity at home to measure and compare lengths, weights and liquids)

We will be providing Maths booklets to take home which will help arithmetic practice. Please search these topics through Twinkl and Classroom Secrets for further ideas and resources.


Classroom Secrets 

Click here to access a pack of resources from your child's year group. Topics covered include Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Image result for classroom secrets


Twinkl are offering parents and children access to their learning platform for free.

To access the offer click on the link here.

The free offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS



What does living actually mean?! What makes something living compared to something that is not living? 



Toys Through Time

We will ne looking at how children's toys have changed through the years. What do you play with now? What did your parents play with? What did their parents play with?

Twinkl has lots of resources on this topic.

DT/ ART: Design and create your very own super hero out of foil! Be very specific - what powers do they have? How is this incorporated into their costume? Who are they when they are not in disguise?




Year 3 - Home Learning

Week beginning 27th april 2020

Hello again, we hope you've all had a great week and have been able to enjoy the fabulous sunshine! We also hope that you are excersing daily - keeping your body healthy aswell as doing the work we are giving you is really important.

Stars of the Week | Boarshaw Primary School

Our stars of the week for their Bug Club reading and Grammar are: 

3JT Cooper, Clara, Will and Harry W

3G Lucy, Charlotte, Honey and Douglas

We would really love to see more of you using Bug Club for your reading, comprehension and grammar. It looks like some of you might have forgotten it's there as we can see who has been using it!


Beeches Infant School | Addition and Subtraction.

This week we are looking at addition and subtraction, remembering how to use the column method and solving word problems.

The BBC Bitesize homelearning is a good place to start. Each day there is a Maths activity to do. Click here to take you to the website, start on the 27th April Maths activity.

We also have 2 activity sheets to have a go at, these are word problems that you will have to use addition or subtraction to work out. Click here Activity 1   

Click here activity 2


English - Greek Myths

Greek myths resources! | Teaching Resources

This week we would like you to listen to Mrs Thompson read a version of the Greek myth, The Trojan Horse. Please click here to hear the story. Once you have watched the video we have an activity for you to complete based around the myth. Please click here for your task. If you need a word bank to help your writing click here for some useful vocabulary from the story. Some of you may also want to learn some key points from the story which you can read by clicking here. We hope you enjoy the story and task!




Spelling Banner | Teaching Ideas

Click here for this weeks spellings. They focus on the prefix -un. This week all our fun activities are based around spelling practice so view them here and have fun practising!


***Key Stage 2 Speech and Language Vocabulary Activity Pack***

We also have some extra suggestions here for parents who would like to support their child's vocabulary learning at home.  We hope you find these useful. 



The Twelve Gods of Mount Olympus | The Fact Site

Using your research skills, find out about one of the Ancient Greek Gods of Mount Olympus. You can use the internet or a book about Ancient Greece if you have one. 

Try making a poster, writing a fact file or anyway you please to display the information.

Here's a website to get you started. Click here (You need to scroll down on the page it takes you to).


Have a great week Year 3. We miss you lots!

Ms Greipl, Mrs Jamieson and Mrs Thompson


English update

Hopefully you have all now read the story of Persephone. (See below if you haven't)

We would now like you to write your own version of the story about the seasons using the same characters: Persephone, her mother Demeter and Hades the God of the underworld.

You can do this however you like, for example as a cartoon/comic strip, a written story using paragraphs or a power point presentation on the computer. Be creative!


Image result for spellings

Spellings for Week One 

Hi Year 3! Please click here to see your spelling words for this week. Remember to practise in creative ways. You could paint your words or hide them in a picture. Can you also write them into your own silly sentences? We've included three copies of the words if you want to print them out. You could cut out the words and stick them up around your house or test your parents and mark their answers!

Please do click here if you would like some ideas for some other fun activities. One of them links to your spellings. 


Hello to you all and welcome to Term 5!

It's strange to be welcoming you all back without being able to see you.

First of all a well done to everyone who has been keeping up with the work and challenges we have been setting.

The stars of the week have been working hard on their reading using Bug Club and it's great to see so many of you using the Grammar and Spelling bug too.

Stars of the Week | Boarshaw Primary School

3G - Katie, Ava and Leila          3JT- Lacey, Darya and Olivia

Term 5

English    Greek Myths

Please can you click here to read the story of Persephone. Make a list of all the characters and what each of them did in the story.


We are going to be looking at Equivalent fractions using a website called White RoseWhen you click here it will take you to the website.

Each day there is a video for you to watch and then an activity. There are even answers to check you got it right.



CLAP FOR OUR CARERS: Campaign asks people to applause for NHS ...


Video Message for Year 3

Hi Year 3! We hope you've had a lovely holiday. Here's a message from your teachers with a special task for you to do over the weekend. Please click here to watch. Have a great weekend and we miss you all lots. 


Image result for easter holidays

Hello Year 3!

We hope you are all keeping safe. We are missing you all very much! We just want to wish you all a very happy Easter. Please continue to stay safe and have fun with your loved ones. After the break we’ll be posting up some more formal learning ideas but for the meantime please check out our

Fun Easter Challenges

You can complete as many as you like throughout the holidays. Have fun!

Image result for year 3

WEEKLY UPDATE - Message from your teachers Week Begining 30th March 2020

Hello to you all! It is very strange to be communicating to you like this and not being able to see you all. Hopefully you have settled into your new routines and you’re    keeping up with the home learning!

We are all well but missing you very much!


Stars of the Week | Boarshaw Primary School


These children are our stars of the week, they have been especially busy using Bug Club, reading and completing so many quizzes.

3G  Deedee, Tula and Myah

3JT  Rose, Jack, Harry W and Amelia

Well done and keep it up!


Week Beginning the 30th March 

We would like you to continue with the home learning on this page.

In particular we would like the following completed;

Time Lessons 1 and 2 OR 3 and 4

Multiplication and Division lessons 1,2 OR 3 plus lesson 4 and to have a go at one of the new times table songs.

2 reading comprehensions  Please see this new addition below.

1 fiction (do the one that matches your Guided Reading group colour) and 1 non fiction to complete.

Write a letter or post card to school (As you may know, there are still some children going to school if their parents are key workers).

You could include how you are feeling, what it’s like in your house at the moment, what you’ve been up to, share ideas about how to keep busy and remember to ask what its like at school with so few children and what they are up to.

Spellings click here for this week's spellings

We will update the spellings list each week for you to keep practising your year 3  words. remember to practise in fun ways. You could use magnetic letters, paint your words or trace them on a family member's back for them to guess the word. Be creative!

Continue with Bug Club and Grammar and Spelling Bug.

Year 3 Fun Challenges

Each week, the Year 3 Team will post up some fun challenges you can try at home. These will be short activities you can pick and choose. Some you can do on  your own and some you can do with others. We hope you have fun with them. Your teachers will be trying some of them out too!



 Take care everyone and be kind!

Reading - This term we will be reading about Greek Myths. There is no specific text - we will be look at a range of sources.

Image result for greek myths fro children


National Geographics - Kids - Click here

Reading Comprehensions


Yellow and Red groups Ambush   Answers

Blue, Green and Purple groups The Twits  Answers

Non Fiction   

All groups  Fossils



Topic 1: Measurement Time

  • Tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals from I to XII and 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.
  • Write the digital time from an analogue clock.
  • Estimate and read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute.
  • Record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours.
  • Use vocabulary such as o’clock, a.m./p.m., morning, afternoon, noon and midnight.
  • Know the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year.
  • Compare durations of events [for example to calculate the time taken by particular events or tasks].

Lesson 1 - Time

Lesson 2 - Time

Lesson 3 - Time

Lesson 4 - Time

Topic 2: Measurement Length and Perimeter

  • Measure the perimeter of simple 2D shapes.

Lesson 1 - Measure

Lesson 2 - Measure


Topic 3: Addition and Subtraction

  • Add and subtract numbers with up to three digits, using formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction.
  • Estimate the answer to a calculation and use inverse operations to check answers


Lesson 1 - 4 Operations

Lesson 2 - 4 Operations

Lesson 3 - 4 Operations

Topic 4: Multiplication and Division

  • Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables.
  • Write and calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division using the multiplication tables they know, including for two digit numbers times one-digit numbers, using mental and progressing to formal written methods.
  • Solve problems, including missing number problems, involving multiplication and division.


Lesson 1 - 4 Operations

Lesson 2 - 4 Operations

Lesson 3 - 4 Operations

Lesson 4 - Operations


X3 song Click here

X4 song Click here

X8 song  Click here


Additional Learning packs can be downloaded from the Classroom Secrets and Twinkl websites.

Classroom Secrets 

Click here to access a pack of resources from your child's year group. Topics covered include Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Image result for classroom secrets


Twinkl are offering parents and children access to their learning platform for free.

To access the offer click on the link here.

The free offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS



Topic: The Ancient Greeks (History)


Research task: Who were the Ancient Greeks? Image result for greeks myths



  1.  One of the Greek Myths (e.g. Persephone and the Underworld, Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa or Odysseus and the Cyclops).
  2. Greek mythical beasts. Can you draw a picture or make a model of one?
  3. The Greek Olympics – what events were played originally compared to today?

Image result for greeks myths

Science: What do plants need to grow?

Project: Can you grow a plant of your own to bring in? What did you need to do to help your plant grow? Can you decorate a pot/vessel of your choice to bring your plant into school to show?

Image result for sun flower


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3


Year 4 - Home Learning


Image result for year 4


Daily activities for the week beginning on 27th April:


BBC Bitesize: There are daily English and maths lessons, as well as other subjects, on the BBC Bitesize website. We love the animated videos that accompany most of the lessons so make sure you watch them before you go through the slideshows and have a go at the activities. Check out the Year 4 lessons here.

Daily lessons for homeschooling - BBC Bitesize

English: The Lighthouse

Click here to re-watch the clip about the man and the lighthouse.

I hope you all had fun getting your imaginations and creativity flowing last week to plan your piece from the persective of the lighthouse keeper! 

This week you will need to use your plan to create your first draft for this piece of writing, just like we do at school! First you will need to check over your plan with a fresh pair of eyes.

Does it make sense? Have you used all the correct punctuation? Have you used the correct tense? 

Once you are happy with your plan, get youself a fresh piece of paper to start writing your first draft.

Non Negotiables:

- Capital letters and full stops.

- Cursive handwriting.

- Check your spellings and punctuation.

Success Criteria:

- Writing in the first person (I or we)

- Use fronted adverbials to begin some sentences (click here for some examples).

- Use a range of conjunctions (although, so, if, whilst).

- Higher level adjectives!

You should also try to uplevel your work as you go. Read your sentences aloud and think about how you can improve them. Remember that your writing is never perfect the first time around and a super writer can always find ways to make ther writing even better! 

You can even use this Ambitious Vocabulary sheet to help you! We are really excited to see what fantastic examples you can show us - good luck and have fun!

A message from your teachers for the week beginning 20th April 2020:

Hi Year 4! We hope you had a fun Easter break and that you are continuing stay safe, while taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. As promised, just below are some daily maths activities, along with an English and geography task for you to complete this week. Enjoy!


Daily activities for the week beginning on 20th April:

  Monday 20th April Tuesday 21st April Wednesday 22nd April   Thursday 23rd April Friday 24th April

Adding 4-Digit Numbers With No Carrying

Adding 4-Digit Numbers With Carrying Adding 4-Digit Numbers: Mixed

Adding Three 4-Digit Numbers

Play these Rainforest-Themed Maths Activity Games for Adding 4-Digit Numbers and/or this final 4-Digit Numbers Addition Worksheet


English: The Lighthouse

Click here to watch the clip about the man and the lighthouse. 

This week, we would like you to plan an extract of the story from the lighthouse keepers perspective. Your story should start at the beginning and end when the keeper breaks the lamp.

Use this planning sheet to help you: Lighthouse Planning Sheet

Remember to use all the wonderful skills you have been learning so far in Year 4!


Non Negotiables:

- Capital letters and full stops.

- Cursive handwriting.

- Check your spellings!


Success Criteria:

- Writing in the first person (I or we)

- Use fronted adverbials to begin some sentences (click here for some examples).

 - Use a range of conjunctions (although, so, if, whilst).

 - Higher level adjectives!


Remember to read and rehearse your sentences to an adult to help to make your writing amazing! You can plan and redraft as many times as you like, using the editing and improving techniques we learn at school.

Most importantly HAVE FUN and make your writing imaginitive, emotional and exciting!


Topic: Extreme Earth (Geography)

Enquiry: Natural Disasters

What questions can you think about natural disasters? What would you like to know?

Use these question words: What? When? Where? Why? Who? Which? How?

What do you already know?

Look at the pictures below and come up with sentences for 'I see... I think... and I wonder...?'

Image result for i see i think i wonder

Image result for natural disasters

Useful Websites: National Geographic Kids and BBC Bitesize.


Daily activities for the week beginning on 30th March:

Educational PowerPoints for the topics below can be found on the useful websites listed below.

  Monday 30th March   Tuesday 31st March  Wednesday 1st April   Thursday  2nd April  Friday 3rd April      

 Rounding to the nearest 10

Rounding to the nearest 100  Rounding to the nearest 1000

Rounding word problems (Just one page!)

Work on the rounding word problems from yesterday and sing the Rounding Song!



Watch this animation of Tony going to stay with his Grandpa, unexpectedly finding himself on all sorts of adventures.

This week your task will be to retell the narrative in the third person. You can make it your own by changing the adventures, renaming the characters and even the method of transport. Remember to use your imagination and have fun! Try reading your writing aloud to people at home to see where you can edit and improve your work, just like we do at school. 


Topic: World Explorers

Task: Research the explorer John Cabot! Start your enquiry by asking historically relevant questions, just as we did in class for James Cook. Then do some research to see if you can answer them! You can use this website to do your research.

Image result for john cabot

John Cabot


Reading & Bug Club:

It would be amazing if you could keep up with your reading, and remember that you can read online using Bug Club! Your username and password should be written in the back of your Reading Records and you can log in here. Your reading bands have been set and there is no limit to the books you can read. The school code is kh7w and the Year 4 password is bird. Get involved!

Hall Green Primary School - Bug Club Reading

Times Table Practice: Carry on practising your times tables up to 12 x 12. Don't forget the division facts! 

Image result for multiply divide is a really useful website for practising online or downloading tests and workbooks. Click here to check it out. 


Spellings: Keep practising your spellings! You can review the spellings we covered throughout the year from your spelling books, or work through the Year 4 spellings here. Look, cover, write, check! 


Spanish: If you would like to improve your Spanish (or a different language!) we recommend Duolingo. You can access the website here or download the app and it's completely free! It's really useful and great fun! Mr Hall uses it every day to work on his Spanish and Vietnamese. Enjoy!

Unit 5: Duolingo | Multimedia Blog


Term 5 Reading: We will be reading 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindell.

Ice Palace

Can you make any predictions about the book from its title and cover?

Can you think of any questions?


Term 5 Maths: Here are some maths topics that we will be studying in Term 5.

1: Fractions

  • Recognise and show, using diagrams, families of common equivalent fractions.
  • Count up and down in hundredths.


2: Number & Place Value

  • Recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens & ones).
  • Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations including measures and measuring instruments.


3: Addition & Subtraction

  • Use both mental and written methods with increasingly large numbers to aid fluency e.g. mentally calculate 540 + 400 or 900 - 360.
  • Solve addition and subtraction problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why.


4: Multiplication & Divsion 

  • Recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.


The websites below can be used to access worksheets for the maths topics.


Useful Websites

Classroom Secrets 

Click here to access a pack of resources from your child's year group. Topics covered include Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Image result for classroom secrets


Twinkl are offering parents and children access to their learning platform for free!

To access the offer click on the link here. The free offer code is UKTWINKLHELPS .

Image result for twinkl



Geography: Can you remember the seven continents? What was your continent table? We highly recommend Seven Worlds: One Planet on BBC iPayer.

Image result for seven worlds


Bear Grylls, David Walliams and Joe Wicks are among the stars posting free things to keep you busy!

Joe Wicks, Bear Grylls, David Walliams: How to keep your kids entertained in Coronavirus lockdown


Bear Grylls: The Great Indoors activities. Bear has teamed up with the Scouts to create 100 indoor activities to keep you busy! The Great Indoors will be a weekly live video feed and activities include making lolly-stick catapults, origami and designing and making hot-air balloons and all activities can be done in the house or garden. Click here to check it out.

Bear Grylls teams up with Scouts to teach kids to cook healthily ...


David Walliams: Free Audio Stories! David Walliams will be releasing a free audio book every day for 30 days. First up is The Terrible Triplets! Enjoy here!

Coronavirus UK: David Walliams releases daily audio story for kids ...


Carol Vorderman: The Maths Factor. Her online maths programme, The Maths Factor, is providing free maths tuition. Check it out here.

The 30 Days Maths Challenge for Carol Vorderman's maths tuition site


Oti Mabuse: Dance classes! Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse is hosting free online dance classes for children and adults alike, to keep you moving! We've got some very talented and enthusiastic dancers in Year 4 so get involved here.

How to watch Oti Mabuse's online dance lessons for kids - Radio Times


Myleene Klass: Music lessons and lullabies. Myleene has been providing virtual music lessons! Monday mornings at 10am is an interactive class where you can play along with a pan and wooden spoon. On Wednesdays at 6.30pm she will play a Disney-themed lullaby which could be lovely if you've got a baby brother or sister. Friday at 10am is Music Klass! You don’t need to have your own instrument to be able to participate, so give it a try here.

Coronavirus: Myleene Klass joins army of artists battling self ...


Joe Wicks: Joe has appointed himself the PE teacher of the nation and is running daily virtual workouts at 9am Monday to Friday on his YouTube channel. Check it out here!

P.E. With Joe / The Body Coach


Supermovers: Click here to get involved with some fun activities that get you moving while you learn! 

Image result for bbc supermovers

If you fancy a singalong you can find the following songs and their lyric videos on YouTube. Enjoy! 

Year 4 Favourites:

Wonderful World – Sam Cooke

Twistin’ The Night Away – Sam Cooke

Pack Up – Eliza Doolittle

Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

Up On The Roof – The Drifters

We Do The Ska – Chris Murray

You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Randy Newman

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding


New Recommendations:

Get Ready – The Temptations

You Can’t Hurry Love – Diana Ross & The Supremes

Lovely Day – Bill Withers

This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) – The Isley Brothers

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher – Jackie Wilson

Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris & The Sharps

It’s The Same Old Song – Four Tops

Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha - Sam Cooke

Image result for enjoy soul music


Previous Messages:

Happy Easter Rabbit and Eggs - Download Free Vectors, Clipart ...

Hello Year 4! 

We both just want to wish you a very Happy Easter! Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and have some fun this Easter! We hope you keep safe and stay healthy, mentally and physically. There is lots to keep you busy below on our Year 4 page. After the Easter break we will be continuing our weekly updates with daily activities. In the meantime Twinkl are offering free Easter activity packages for Year 4. Check out their Easter English Activity Booklet and Easter Themed Maths Resource Pack. You could also try some Easter Egg Mindfulness Colouring. Enjoy!


A message from your teachers for the week beginning 30th March 2020:

Hello Year 4!

We hope you are all well and happy, settling into your new routines and enjoying getting to spend some time at home with your families. Things are going to be a little bit different for a while but we hope this home learning page will be of lots of help.

We are both doing really well! Mr Hall has been learning Spanish and catching up on nature documentaries. If you’re ever stuck for something to do and would like to continue learning about our topic, we recommend having a watch of Seven Worlds: One Planet on BBC iPlayer! Miss Gray is also feeling good – her tummy is getting extra big and the baby is happy and healthy in there, waiting to see the world soon! We are both missing you all lots and we are really looking forward to seeing all the awesome work you complete during this time away from school.

Sending our best wishes and biggest smiles,

Miss Gray and Mr Hall

Year 5 - Home Learning

Image result for year 5

Maths challenge- The equivalent fraction rainbow!

I'm sure lots of you have seen or made rainbows in the past few weeks and this week I'd like to challenge you to make one with a difference! I've written a selectin of fractions down for you, and each of them are equivalent to one of the colour coded fractions on the left of the sheet. Your task is to organise these into their equivalent groups and put them into a rainbow. So, all the fractions equivalent to 1/2 need to go in the red stripe, etc. 

Remember- in order for a fraction to be equivalent, we need to do the same to the numerator (the top number) as the denominator (the bottom number). So to find a fraction equivalent to 1/2 I need to multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number. For example, if I multiplied them by 2 I would get 2/4, or if I multiplied by 4 I would get 4/8. 

Click here to see the fractions I'd like you to sort. There is also a sneaky bonus challenge at the bottom of the page for those of you who want to remind yourselves of some percentage and decimal equivalents too. Good luck!

Mrs Peasey

Tasks for Term 5 week 2

Good morning all! We hope you are well on this slightly grey morning. This week we would like you to have a look at the Year 5 lessons on BBC bitesize. We will also be uploading chapters 6 and 7 of Treasure Island later in the week, along with a brand new rainbow themed maths challenge. Some extra challenges were uploaded at the end of last week and over the weekend, so make sure you scroll back to see the Backwards Bristol Quiz and chapters 4 and 5 of Treasure Island if you haven't already seen them. 

Take care and stay safe!

New Treasure Island chapters (4 and 5)

Click here to watch Miss Wiltshire read the next installment of Treasure Island.

In this section, Jim and his mother opened Billy's sea chest. It says that it contained:

'...carefully cleaned unworn clothing, pistols, silver and trinkets from far away lands. Beneath those things were parchment scrolls and a sack of gold.'

Your task is to tell us where you think Captain Billy Bones gathered these things from. You might like to write a diary entry as Billy Bones detailing how he came across the bits and pieces.

As an extra challenge, you could include some relative clauses. Good luck!

The Backwards Bristol Quiz!

Through the power of technology, we have reunited to bring you a quiz with a difference! We have given you the answers and your job is to work out what the questions could have been. Click here for the video. (Hopefully by the time we reveal what the questions were, Mrs Peasey will have learnt to wave in the right direction!)

New writing task

Good morning all! The electronic postman has been to deliver a letter to you from Mrs Peasey and Miss Wiltshire. Click here to have a look. 




BBC Earth Kids

BBC Earth Kids has just launched with lots of fab shows about our planet. Go and take a look!

Bristol themed colouring

Mrs Dare has been in touch to send us some colouring pages that you might like to have a go at. These have been designed by a local Bristol artist - Jenny Urquhart. You may also recognise some of the famous Bristol landmarks! Thanks Mrs Dare.

Bristol Belle




Hi year 5 and welcome to term 5!

We hope you had a really good Easter break and managed to do lots of things that you really enjoyed. I (Miss Wiltshire) have managed to enjoy the lovely hot spell of weather that we had and I may have eaten a few too many Easter eggs (oops). Mrs Peasey has been working hard in school keeping those children that have been in busy all Easter. We have lots of new learning planned for this term so stay tuned to this page!

**New our Youtube channel** 

Click here for Chapter 2 and 3 of Treasure Island read by Mrs Peasey

Click here for Miss Wiltshire's mind-bending maths challenge

This is a challenging one so you may need to get creative. As I said, you could draw diagrams to help you or you could cut out 15 tables and use pennies or counters for the guests. Use these to try lots of different ways of arranging the tables until you reach the solution. Good Luck!

If you need a peek at the solution click here

Writing Term 5 Week 1

 This week we would like you to write a paragraph which includes direct speech between the Captain and the boy in Treasure Island. Remember, when punctuating speech you need:

  • All speech to begin with a capital letter
  • Inverted commas around what is said
  • Punctuation at the end of speech to be inside the inverted commas
  • A comma after the reporting clause
  • A new line each time there is a new speaker

We’d also like you to challenge yourself not to use the word ‘said’. Have a think about other words you could use instead which would help convey the feelings or actions of the characters.

You can use my example to get you started.


A familiar bark came from the Captain’s room. As I peered around the door, his long fingers beckoned me closer as he demanded, “You! Come here! I can’t lie in this bed forever. Now tell me, did you see that sailor?”

“Do you mean Black Dog?” I questioned. The vision of him fleeing into the darkness was etched into my memory. The Captain shook his head impatiently and snapped,

“Black Dog? No, there’s worse than him! They’re after me, boy.”

The Captain had seemed shocked when he’d discovered Black Dog in the Admiral Benbow the previous week. I considered keeping quiet, but my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t help but ask, “Why? Why are they after you? What do they want?”

SPaG Term 5 week 1

Speech punctuation powerpoint (This might help if you need a hand with Mrs Peasey's writing task)

Speech punctuation - Be the teacher!

Speech punctuation - Comic strip activity

Speech punctuation - Spot the missing inverted commas

Speech punctuation - using synonyms for said

Using speech in independent learning

Maths Term 5 Week 1

This week we would like you to focus on subtraction and mixed addition and subtraction. Have a look at the powerpoints first and then have a go at the activities:


Subtraction powerpoint

Subtraction fluency

Subtraction problem solving

Subtraction discussion problems

More subtraction problems

Addition and subtraction (mixed):

Addition and subtraction booklet

Addition and subtraction booklet answers

Addition and subtraction mastery powerpoint

Addition and subtraction mastery activities

Topic (History) 

As you know, our topic is all about the history of Bristol. Here is an activity to investigate how Bristol has changed over the centuries. We have a number of maps to look at as well as a guide to how to complete the activity.

Click here for the maps 

Click here for the guide

For this activity, you will need to know what chronological means and you may need a magnifying glass if you have one.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Mrs Peasey spotted these wonderful old photos of Bristol for you to take a look at.



Easter Activities


**New** Check out Mrs Peasey's Bristol Brain Buster here!

Easter DT Challenge

Wondering what to do over the Easter break?

Have a go at one of these challenges from Dyson.

Enjoy your Easter holidays!

Weekly update 1st April 2020

Hello again year 5!

We are well into our second week learning at home and it has been fantastic to see some of the projects that have been emailed to school. We are offering virtual housepoints to anyone who sends us pictures, paragraphs or clips of home learning.


MC Grammar is hosting a live lesson every Wednesday and Friday at 11:30am

Click here to find the current and past lessons.


Miss Wiltshire has recorded a video of the first chapter of Treasure Island and set the task to describe the character 'Billy Bones' (The Captain).

Click here to watch the clip.

Click here for Miss Wiltshire's example description. Please send us your descriptions for house points.



This week we would like you to focus on addition. Here are some activities to get you started:

Addition and subtraction recap

Add more than 4 digits powerpoint

Add more than 4 digits fluency

Add more than 4 digits problem solving


Discussion problems add more than 4 digits

Don't forget Twinkl and classroom secrets have lots more actvities for addition!


Super star readers from 5W this week (For logging on to bug club and completing quizes):





Bonus virtual house points for you. Keep up the good work!

Puzzle of the week

This is just for fun! Can you solve the riddles and spell out two words? Email your answers for 10 virtual house points.


WEEKLY UPDATE - Message from your teachers Week Begining 30th March 2020

Hello Year 5!

Well, it’s certainly been a very quiet week without you all. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with a daily walk in the beautiful sunshine, some yoga, baking and even a spot of gardening!

We hope you are all settling into your new routines at home, and that you’re well. This is a funny old time and it will take a little bit of getting used to. There is no ‘right way’ to feel or be at the moment; it’s ok to be a bit worried, it’s ok to have fun and it’s ok to feel however you are feeling.

Hopefully you’ve all had some time to have a look at the online learning tasks. Next week, you could have a go at the following:

  • Choose a video on the literacy shed and write a story about it (invisible housepoints if you manage to get in a relative clause, correctly punctuated speech and adverbials for cohesion!)
  • Have a go at some maths. You could use the online resources, or try a new recipe and practice your measuring skills. You could even create yourself a new timetable for the day and work out how long each activity will last.
  • Find something that makes you smile and draw it. It could be someone in your family, something in the garden or something in your house.
  • We can’t wait to see your brilliant Bristol projects once we are able to return to school and are already wondering what fantastic creative ideas you’ll all come up with. You could use some of your time to do that this week too.
  • Do something active. There are lots of great videos online, Joe Wicks the Bodycoach is doing daily PE lessons, and Oti from The Greatest Dancer is doing online dance lessons!
  • And of course, please make sure you are still reading!


Take care, be kind and stay safe,

Mrs Peasey and Miss Wiltshire



Our book next term is Treasure Island. We have chosen a version that has been rewritten especially for children; however there are some great film versions out there for you to watch if you have time.

This is the version that we will be reading in school:

Image result for treasure island book


Here are some possible films to watch so that you are familiar with the text:



This one is quite an old version but still entertaining

 Image result for treasure island film


If you enjoyed our Christmas performance of Muppets Christmas carol, you could give this one a watch!

 Image result for treasure island film muppets


This is a science fiction version based loosely on the original Treasure Island story by Robert Louis Stevenson

 Image result for treasure planet



Place Value

v  Numbers to 10,000

v  Roman numerals to 1,000

v  Round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000

v  Numbers to 100,000

v  Numbers to 1,000,000

v  Counting in 10s, 100s, 1,000s, 10,000s and 100,000s

v  Compare and order numbers to a million

v  Round numbers to a million

v  Negative numbers

Addition and Subtraction

v  Add whole numbers with more than 4 digits (column method)

v  Subtract numbers with more than 4 digits (column method)

v  Round to estimate and approximate

v  Inverse operations

v  Multi-step addition and subtraction problems

Multiplication and Division

v  Multiply 4 digits by 1 digit

v  Find the area by multiplying length by width

v  Multiply 2 digits by 2 digits

v  Multiple 3 digits by 2 digits

v  Multiply 4 digits by 2 digits

v  Divide 4 digits by 1 digit

v  Divide with remainders


The following sites can be used to access worksheets on the maths tasks.


Classroom Secrets 

Click here to access a pack of resources from your child's year group. Topics covered include Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Image result for classroom secrets


Twinkl are offering parents and children access to their learning platform for free.

To access the offer click on the link here.

The free offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Image result for twinkl



Please use this time to recap all of the spellings that we have covered this year. Don’t forget there are various ways that you can learn your spellings including: rainbow spellings, pyramid spelling and look, cover, write, check.



Next term, we will be looking at Bristol. During your time away from school we would like you to create a project about our city. This could be a film, poster, PowerPoint or any other creative project you can think of.

You could choose to look at famous Bristolians, the history of the city, Bristol’s link with pirates, artists from Bristol, sports, famous landmarks or any other ideas you may have.

These websites have lots of child friendly information (don’t forget to put the information into your own words to prove that you understand it):

 Image result for ss great britiabImage result for wallace and gromitImage result for suspension bridge



Easter Crispy Cookies Recipe



Year 6 - Home Learning

Image result for Year 6

Hello year 6!

We will be updating you each week on how we are getting on and letting you know that we hope you are all staying healthy (and listening to your parents!). 

WEEKLY UPDATE - Message from your teachers Week beginning 27th April 2020

Message from Miss Ahmed - 

Hi 6A,

I hope you’re all well. It feels so strange not being in school, I miss you all dearly.

Mr Cox and I have introduced BBC Bitesize onto our school page for you all to access. Please make use of all the resources available to you such as: Bug Club, Classroom Secrets, Reading Theory and TTRS.

Please view the tasks set by following the week commencing section below.

This week, Muslims around the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. It would be brilliant if you could all research why this month is so special for Muslims. I would like you all to share your creativity by creating a poster that describes what Ramadan is, when it occurs and how it is celebrated. I would also like you all to research what Eid Ul-Fitr is. Yet again, BBC Bitesize is a great starting point for this. I look forward to seeing your wonderful posters.

Remember to: stay healthy, exercise daily, create art, listen to music, talk to your friends over facetime/ whatever device is available, be kind and help your parents out at home.

During this month of Ramadan, Muslims often break their fasts with their favorite dishes; perhaps you can help your parents / carers out by trying new recipes and by making delicious healthy meals. With all this extra time we now have, why don’t you attempt to create your own handmade project? You can fold paper into flowers, press flowers for table places, create macramé for chairs and set yourself your own dinner party? Imagination is an incredible thing, let your creativity shine through! Even if you are not a crafty person, try something new and you might create something that’ll make your day really special. 

Enjoy the sunshine, take care of yourselves and I hope to see you all very soon.

Lots of love, 

Miss Ahmed 


Message from Mr Cox

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and looking after yourself and your families. I have been in school on Monday to Wednesday with my little boy Oscar, who is loving life in nursery! I miss you all and miss teaching all of you, I'm looking forward to seeing your friendly faces again.

If you look at Miss Ahmed's message above, it might be a good idea to create a presentation on Ramadan (see her message for more information). In terms of expectations for this week, look at the dates starting 27/4/2020 at the following:




When looking for activities around guided reading, please check out Bug Club and classroom secrets. There are loads of resources for you to access. Please keep checking this page for regular updates as we are always finding new resources for you. Personally, the BBC Bitesize website is a very good tool for you to access a range of subjects. When I have been in school, we have been using Classroom Secrets Kids a lot as they too regularly update.

On a personal note, please keep active as much as possible and stay creative. I know how easy it is to just sit on a computer all day (I was a child once!) but keeping your mind active is the way forward. I'm very proud at the amount of children who are accessing the work as it shows just how motivated you are during these tough times.

Take care and I will see you soon.

Mr Cox

BBC Bitesize daily lessons - Click the image to get redirected to daily lessons for additional home-learning. A variety of celebrities have helped create lessons to help you!


Scoreboard for online learning.

Just for a bit of friendly-competitive fun, we will start doing a top 5 list for those accessing classroom secrets and bug club! So far, well done to the following children:

Bug club 6C - 

1. Joe

2. Tom

3. Henry S

4. Brodie

5. Molly S

Bug club 6A - 

 Please email the school office if logins are required. 

Classroom secrets 6C -

1. Molly S

2. Molly D

3. Henry A

4. Lauren

5. Lola

Classroom secrets 6A - 

1. Adya

2. Alex 

3. Beth

4. Frankie

5. Freya

Keep up the hard work everyone and remember to stay safe! - Mr Cox and Miss Ahmed 



Please log on to Read Theory and Bug Club to access reading activities.Image result for bug clubImage result for read theory


Writing textThe Invincible Kingdom by Rob Ryan

Writing task: See Literacy Shed for inspiration.

Week commencing 23/3/2020


Write a persuasive argument discussing both for and against for either of these topics. Balanced argument support.

1. Kids should be allowed to vote

2. Children should get paid for good grades

3. School uniform should be banned

Week commencing 30/3/2020


1.  Write a setting description for the following settings

-          Charlie and the chocolate factory

-          Atlantis an underwater world (be as creative as you want but use vocabulary in context to describe the setting)

-          Narnia (ice kingdom)

2. Write a formal letter to the head teacher discussing either of these topics:

-          Why we should have extra break time

-          The government are planning on extending school hours, do you agree or disagree?

3. Write an informal letter to Barry (Mr Cox and Miss Ahmed’s friend) why he should come visit Bristol, you can then design your letter as if it was a postcard.


1. Spelling homophones

2.  Silent letters

3. Figurative language

Week commencing 20th April 2020


1.  Write a setting description for the following settings using figurative language

-         Forest

-        Antarctic

-        Desert

2.  Design your own hotel and describe its location / setting on a poster

3.  Write a persuasive text encouraging people to come visit your hotel


1. Main and subordinate clause 

2. Capital letters and full stops

3. Commas in a list 

Week commencing 27th April 2020


1. Continue the story

I was out pacing through the woods, when I saw a dark, old house on top of a hill. Curiosity drew me drew me closer and closer to the door. To my surprise, the heavy door creaked open and welcomed me in. As I stepped inside…

2. Continue the story

Uncle Tariq has always been known for his crazy whacky inventions, he is known as what many would call an inventor. One day, I was searching through the attic of my uncle’s old Victorian house. Inquisitively, I stumbled upon a remarkable find, hidden amongst the piles of dust there lay a helpless machine that yearned to be cared for. This strange object had many buttons, dials, knobs and levers. I had never seen anything of such splendid glory before. On one side there was a button that said ‘On’…

3. Write a narrative

The idea for your story is ‘through the doorway’.  Where is the doorway, what type of door is it? Perhaps your character will find something on the other side of the door or maybe the door will be locked?

Your task is to write your own narrative that follows our mountain story format. In other words, your story must include an opening, build-up, resolution and ending.

Think about the following:

-          Who are your characters?

-          Where is your story set?

-          What is the problem/complication and how will it be solved?

-          How will your story end?

Remember to:

-          Use a range of sentence types to create drama/suspense

-          Choose your words carefully to entertain the reader (remember power of 3)

-          Write in sentences

-          Don’t forget the paragraphs!

-          Try and use yr 5 and 6 statutory spelling words if you can

-          Use an online thesaurus if you don’t have one at home (Extend your vocabulary and add to your own word bank – remember to SHOW NOT TELL)

-          Proofread your work out loud

-          If you’re stuck try starting with a preposition/adverbial


1. Clauses 

2. Relative clauses 

3. Possessive pronouns 

Week beginning 4th May 2020


1. Create your own narrative about a boy who told lies. This can be inspired by the story the boy who cried wolf. Your narrative must have a moral ending.

 2. Create a dialogue between two characters in your narrative and arrange this in the form of a script

3. Write a descriptive text describing what you could see as If you were a red post box in London.


1. Modal verbs

2. Verb forms

3. Adverbs

Week beginning 11th May 2020


 1. Write a poem based on either a thought, emotion or a story

2. Write a story that continues this sentence: All was quiet...

3. Write a narrative about a character who is on a quest.

4. Write a diary entry from the perspective of an alien visiting Earth


1. Word families and nouns 

2. Determiners 

3. Conjunctions 

Week beginning 18th May 2020


Creative writing story starters, choose from the following:

1. You become a character in your favorite video game, and…

2. Your grandma comes to town and brings an unexpected surprise…

3. You are an astronaut who finds something strange on the moon…

4. Your parents tell you that you’re moving across the country.

5. An alien comes to Earth, and…


1. Noun phrase 

2. Tense 

3. Subject and object 

Week beginning 1st June 2020


1. Write your own version of Romeo and Julie

2. Write a script interviewing Juliet

3. Write a script interviewing Romeo discussing what they think they should do about their love crisis

4. Write a love poem about anything you like (this could be a person, place or a thing)


1. Apostrophes 

2. Formal and informal 

3. Questions and exclamations 


Week beginning 8th June 2020


1. What do you want most in the world? Write about that and why

2. Write your very own sci-fi narrative

3. Write a story that includes these things: A cat, dice, pear, twins and an uninvited guest

4. Continue the story beginning: “how was I supposed to know you were telling the truth when you said danger was your middle name?”


1. Active and passive 

2. Standard English 

3. Punctuation for parenthesis 

Week beginning 15th June 2020


1. Continue the story: You were born with a birth mark the shape of a “9” on your wrist. One day you get into a fatal car accident. You wake up in a strange room and the first thing you notice is that the “9” has changed to an “8”

2. Continue the story: “I never stood a chance, did I?”, “that’s the sad part – you did once”

3. Write a story about two children who have just discovered a magical movie theatre


1. Adjective and adverbs 

2. Root words

3. Suffix -ous 

Week beginning 22nd June 2020


1. The magic escalator task - imagine you and a friend step on a magic escalator, write a story of your adventure 

2. Continue the sci-fi story:

After a harrowing journey, Commander Lork took her first footsteps on the unknown planet. What lay before her looked like nothing that she had ever seen on Earth: a landscape of purple mountains, toxic gas that radiated from every surface and, right under her boots, footprints - large, 

seven-toed footprints…

3. Continue the sci-fi story:

After endless months of searching and excavation, Doctor Xenon made an amazing discovery. He held up the mysterious object – would his find finally prove the existence of life elsewhere in the Solar System?


1. Add a prefix activity

2. Prefix and suffix 

3. Prepositions 


Maths (click the links next to the lessons and remember the answers are at the bottom of the documents to help you mark your work!)

Week commencing 23/3/2020

Topic 1: Four operations – Solve problems

Topic 2: Fractions – Add and subtract fraction problems

                              -Fraction problems

Challenge - classroom secrets and twinkl

Week commencing 6/4/2020

Topic 3: Measurement – convert between miles and km

                                     - convert between measurements and solve problems

Week commencing 20/4/2020

Topic 4:Algebra – use algebra in the correct context 1

                          - algebra 2

                         -algebra 3

Challenge - classroom secrets and twinkl

Week commencing 27/4/2020

Topic 5: Measurement 1

             Measurement 2

Challenge - classroom secrets and twinkl



Click the links below for information on Colonisation. Create a fact file/poster or even a PowerPoint.

Non-European contrasts with British History – Colonisation and the impact it has on countries today.

-Research the term ‘Colonisation’


Weekly spellings

Please try to practise your spellings each week and test yourself.

Week commencing 23/3/2020 - Weekly spellings

 Week commencing 30/3/2020 - Weekly spellings

Week commencing 6/4/2020 - Weekly spellings

Week commencing 13/4/2020 - Weekly spellings

Week commencing 20/4/2020 - Weekly spellings

Week commencing 27/4/2020 - Weekly spellings



Powerpoints and resources: 

Main and subordinate clauses - Click here 

Active and passive voice - Click here 

Co-ordinating conjunctions - Click here   and here for conjunctions

Prepositions - Click here  and here 

Apostrophes for possession (plural) -Click here and here 

Determiners - Click here and here  

Capital letters in correct context - Click here and here  

Identifying word classes - Click here 

Root words - Click here 

Adverbs - Click here and here 

 Punctuation for parenthesis - Click here

Colons - Click here 

Dashes and hyphens - Click here 


Pronouns and relative pronouns - Click here 

Question and statement - Click here

Subject and object - Click here 

Semi-colons - Click here 

Inverted commas - Click here 


Standard Englishhere 

Subordinating conjunctionshere 

Verb forms -  here 


The following sites can be used to access worksheets on the SPAG and Maths tasks.

 Classroom Secrets 

Click here to access a pack of resources from your child's year group. Topics covered include Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Image result for classroom secrets


Twinkl are offering parents and children access to their learning platform for free.

To access the offer click on the link here.

The free offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Image result for twinkl

SATs Papers

Click here to access SATs Papers from previous years.

Speech and language pack by Louis Screen

Click here to access speech and language pack

Fun Things To Do When You Are Off School!


** Update**

I have now emailed the prizes out to the winners for the writing competition. Unfortunately, if you haven't received an email, you haven't won one of the overall prizes this time but I do have a small prize for everyone that entered and I will give these out when we return to school. Thank you all once again for entering - it has been amazing to see all of your wonderful work!

Hi everyone,

The Easter writing competition is now closed and I would like to thank you all so much for brightening my week with all of your stories, cartoons, animations and videos! I have had a very busy weekend trying to choose a KS1 and a KS2 winner - it was a very tricky job as they were all amazing!

I have decided that everyone that entered will get a small prize when we return to school.

I have a certificate for everyone who entered the writing competition. Click here to download and print yours.

Here are all of the entries for the writing competition:

Samuel 3G

Teddy 1P 

Teddy 1P

Aleks 1A

Alex 3JT

Nate 5P (1)

Nate 5P (2)

George 1R

Amelie 3G (1)

Amelie 3G (2)

Gabrielle 6C

Molly 2NC

Louie 2S

Louie 2S (2)

Emily 1P

Rex 4H

Naomi 4H and Eliza 1R

Isabelle 2NC

Molly 5P

Alex 6A (1)

Alex 6A (2)

Arthur 1P

Isla 1R (1)

Isla 1R (2)

Lois 1P

I will be emailing prizes to winners this coming week so please stay tuned!

Thank you all once again.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Miss Wiltshire



Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well! Here are some ideas for things you can do to keep you busy when you are away from school (As well as your set school work of course!).


Best Wishes

Mr Unsworth 


(Parental Support Required)

Anti- Gravity Bottle Experiment

Amazing anti-gravity water trick - MEL Chemistry



Thre are a range of BBC Live Lessons available from:

BBC Teach Live Lessons for primary schools - BBC Teach


David Walliams is releasing a free children’s audio book daily for the next 30 days,

David Walliams has announced he will release free audio books for the next month



Join BBC Teach and Twinkl for a fantastic Blue Planet Live Lesson where you can learn sustainability and sealife, as well as an appearance from Deadly 60's Steve Backshall! It's happening LIVE on March 26th at 2pm:

BBC One - Blue Planet Live - Meet the team

19.03.20 Earn a Blue Peter Badge!

I always wanted a Blue Peter Badge when I was a child! I wonder if adults can enter?



If you are struggling for ideas on how to stay fit and healthy, then follow the link for fantastic challenges and games. Just click here for a list of ideas -where there are challenges for all ages groups- and you could also get your family involved! Please stay as fit and healthy as you can, I look forward to hearing all about the challenges you have completed.P.E exercises


Joe Wicks daily workouts.

If you click on the Joe Wicks workout link, you will be redirected to his YouTube page where he will be streaming live sessions from Monday to Friday! Stay active everyone.

Image result for joe wicks workout for kids



The PE Hub Portal

Additionally, if you want other ways to keep fit then click the following picture for great ideas on how to stay fit and healthy!

The PE Hub Portal



Mr Cox

P.E Leader


School Assemblies

House Cup Assembly -Friday 3rd April (10:30am)

Which House will win the cup?

 High Quality House Cup Assembly Video - Click Here

For the best results download the video and play in Window's Media Player


Seesaw Learning Platform

Seesaw Expectations

Useful Information for Parents and Carers

Seesaw Parent's Guide

Seesaw Expectations

Seesaw Website - Help Section 



What can you can expect from our child – teacher – parent communication platform


What is Seesaw?

Seesaw provides a safe and secure digital learning environment for children to learn creatively by adding entries like photos, videos, drawing and notes. It creates a triangle of communication between parents, the teacher and your child.


How does Seesaw Work?

Seesaw is an online learning platform which can accessed directly from using an internet browser or via the Seesaw APP.


How will the school use Seesaw to communicate with children and parents?

The Class APP:

  • Allows your child and the teacher to post, like and make comments to the learning journal
  • Allows the teacher to read and write private messages to the child/parent

The Seesaw Website:

  • This is a website version of the APP which can be accessed via an internet browser but note you will not receive notifications directly from the Seesaw website.


Will the school provide families with guidance on how to use Seesaw?

Parents will be provided with an introductory guide to Seesaw along with links to online training materials. Click here to access the guide.


How will the school support children who do not have access to technology?

Children who do not have appropriate access to technology will be identified and alternative provision organised by the school.                                                                                                         


How often will work be set by teachers?

  • Children will be set learning activities every school day (Monday – Friday)
  • Learning activities will be posted every school day at 10am
  • The amount of daily learning will be in line with government guidelines which equates to 3 hour per day.
  • Two core and one foundation subject will be set every school day
  • Work will be differentiated to meet the needs of all learners


How will children receive feedback on their work?

  • Children are expected to return work as soon as they can. We understand that family members may be unwell or are having to work from home.
  • Children will receive regular feedback on their work by their teacher. Feedback will include constructive comments, challenge questions, extension activities and likes. 


Who can see my child’s posts?

Only the teacher, Primary Leadership and family members who are linked to that child’s learning will see your child’s post. Journals are not public and never shared with 3rd parties. Teachers can share children’s work with other children in their class via a private blog area which can only be seen by members of the class.

 You can read more at Seesaw’s Privacy Centre: 

Comments and posts can only be deleted by the teacher or Primary Leadership Team and are irretrievable at this point. This will only be done however if there is an error to be corrected or a child protection issue


Who can I contact if I have an e-safety or safeguarding concern?

Any e-safety or safeguarding concerns should be reported immediately to the school’s Safeguarding leads via