Return to School - Well Being Questionnaire
The purpose of this questionnaire is to help your child's school understand how the pandemic has affected them and enable us to plan how best to support them when they return to school in September. You will need to complete a questionnaire for each child you have at a WMAT school. You may also like to visit the Well-Being section of our website for useful links and resources:
1.Parent/Carer NameRequired to answer.Single line text.
2.Parent/Carer Email AddressRequired to answer.Single line text.
3.Parent/Carer Phone NumberRequired to answer.Single line text.
4.Child's First NameRequired to answer.Single line text.
5.Child's Last NameRequired to answer.Single line text.
6.School AttendedRequired to answer.Single choice.
7.Which Year Group Will Your Child Be In From September 2020?Required to answer.Single choice.
8.In what ways has your child's experience over lockdown been positive?Multi Line Text.
9.What aspects of lockdown has your child found particularly difficult?Multi Line Text.
10.Has your child attended school in either the keyworker provision or the returning year groups provision during the pandemic?Required to answer.Single choice.
11.How would you best describe your child's anxiety level about returning to school?Required to answer.Single choice.
12.All staff at school will be prepared for children to feel some degree of anxiety when starting back at school in September and will be prepared to manage this. Do you feel your child will require any additional support to help them cope with their return?Required to answer.Single choice.
13.If you have answered 'Yes', please provide details of any issues you think school staff need to be aware of and anything you feel they could do to help your child.Multi Line Text.
14.Does your child live with anyone who is considered vulnerable (in terms of COVID-19)?Required to answer.Single choice.
15.If you would like to provide further details please do:Multi Line Text.
16.Has anyone in your household been diagnosed with COVID-19 or experienced symptoms which required isolation?Required to answer.Single choice.
17.If you would like to provide further details please do:Multi Line Text.
18.Has your child experienced bereavement during this period?Required to answer.Single choice.
19.If you would like to provide further details please do:Multi Line Text.
20.If your child has experienced bereavement, do you feel your child would benefit from additional bereavement support?Single choice.
21.If you have answered 'Yes', would you like a staff member to contact you to discuss this bereavement support? (Contact, if requested, will be made within the first two weeks of term)Single choice.
22.Does your child have responsibilities as a young carer for a member of the household?Required to answer.Single choice.
23.If you would like to provide further details please do:Multi Line Text.
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